Riot Games has undertaken dozens of projects in recent years, but we can say without fear of being wrong that none is as great as the MMO League of Legends . A video game that promises to be massive and that was announced several years before it was even prepared enough to teach an image to developers. Now, we still have seen it in motion. However, the game director has already revealed some details in an interesting interview with a content creator. It dared to talk about the monetization system that they pose for the game.

The details of the League of Legends MMO revealed by its director

In the interview granted to Canon , creator of content specialized in the MMO genre, the director of the next great video game of Riot Games underwent a battery of questions that began as a pleasant talk about this type of titles or the form to work in the company. However, neither the YouTuber nor Ghost crawler (the game director) fell asleep in the prolegomena. To a second question in which his satisfaction was questioned about the budget they had granted for the project, the head of the MMO of League of Legends did not hesitate to answer.

Riot Games will cancel this game if it is not good enough , but not for becoming too expensive (…) It is not a blank check. The team has to show that the money invested is worth it. However, we are not a small company that is going to run out of money, explained the director. As at the time, we want to clarify these statements with other explanations of the developer, which ensures that development is on a very good path and are proud of the first results. It is a theoretical assumption and not a real possibility right now.

Following the issue of money, Ghost crawler also talk about the monetization systems of the MMO of League of Legends. There will be no surprises, although at the same time it catches our attention. The video game will not have a subscription model (you can play for free) and its macrophages will be based solely on cosmetics. I can say very safely that we will not do‘ Pay to Win ’or‘ Pay To Power ’ (…) If life is Chung and you can’t pay the subscription, I don’t know, I prefer you to continue playing. This is what Riot has always done with his free to play based only on cosmetics, followed the developer.


We have done mathematics and there is a world in which this works. In which there are enough players who pay enough in cosmetics to finance everything, said Ghost crawler. Of course, there is still a lot to launch the game, but it seems clear that as a current date the MMO of League of Legends is a title ‘Free To Play’ in which you will not be able to pay to get improvements that affect your performance in the fight against players or to perform more efficiently count in the environment.

It is a brave decision of Riot Games, which arrives at the sector willing to change its traditional operation model. Tower of Fantasy, Lost Ark or New World arrived with systems that invited players to spend money just for playing or in exchange for improvements in combat. Also, the mythical World of Warcraft demands a subscription that, surely, has ever removed us from the title. There are still years left, but we cannot deny what we have I really want to see what the MMO of League of Legends offers us.

Of course, we recommend seeing Canon’s full interview on his YouTube channel, since it was he who had the responsibility of driving the talk. Unfortunately, it is only available in English and there are no Spanish subtitles.