On the 19th, Iron Source officially announced that it has significantly improved the performance of the popular mobile casino slot game high roller Vegas of casual game developer Playing through the Apple Search As Solutions and Integrated Data View of Integrated App Marketing Platform iron source luna.

Playing is a casual game developer founded in Korea in 2015. It has more than 15 game titles, including social casino games such as the mobile casino slot game genre High Roller Vegas, Lock & Cash, and Slot mate, Sniping, and Poker, such as Poker, and other casual games.

Playing said that as the number of app users increased, the marketing budget would be used to improve efficiency and optimize the unit price for each search keyword, so it decided to use the iron source luna solution. In particular, the three major challenges to be solved are: ▲ Integrated hubs that can be visualized for campaigns and keyword achievements, expanding Apple Search as-Campaigns ▲ Reduction of CPI’s (cost per installation) ▲ ROAS (ROAS) activation He actively used Luna solutions with his focus. As a result, the target of the CPI 70%and ROAS indicators also increased more than doubled from 1.5%to 3.3%.

In addition, Playing introduced the case that it reached the lowest CPI to maximize marketing performance and saved the time consumed in manual operation in this process. The Luna team, who received the request, proposed the use of the Luna Optimization Center, and as a result, the CPI has been reduced by up to 70%.

Ultimately, Luna’s smart optimization algorithm can grasp the optimal unit price, making it efficiently utilizing both time and costs, with a small cost and time to achieve more campaign goals, and high-value users in the game. As he introduced, he added that ROAS was able to increase more than doubled from 1.5%to 3.3%.


All three tasks have been solved, including the overall Apple Search Asian campaign improvement, CPI reduction, and ROAS improvement. We were able to reach the target benchmark based on automatic optimization, and provided a comprehensive view to visualize all campaign results throughout the data source. The use of a platform that provides a variety of solutions, tools, and expertise, while emerging, has been the best way to success. Iron Sauce Luna has shown more than expected and expects to continue partnerships in the next lineup.