Episode 9 of House of the Dragon and Wow fell, the action increases. The dragons dance begins officially, and we see different characters choose sides, one of them is to be. Harold We sterling , Commander of the Royal Guard. Being Heir development makes this decision boldly to remove the white layer, but why? Here is Why being Hard took off the layer in House of the Dragon.

To be a Heir development taking off your white layer explained

Simply, being Harvard takes off the layer to protect his honor and that of the Royal Guard when retiring from the private council plans to murder Princess Chandra and Prince Daemon. But as commander of the Royal Guard, ¿¿¿¿ Why does it do so dramatically?

House of the dragon episode 9 begins immediately after the death of King Misery, and we quickly see the plots and plans of the small council to place Argon on the throne in sight. During the discussion, which includes the murder of Chandra and Daemon, being Hold removes the cape and says: I am the Lord Commander of the Royal Guard. I do not recognize another authority than that of the king, and until there is one, I have no place here. This can confuse some fans, but he has good reasons, not only for him but also for the Royal Guard.


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The Royal Guard plays an important role in Westeros and his history. They are the King’s loyal guards and have sworn to protect the king and his family with their own lives and respond only to the king. During this particular moment in history, many internal struggles and plans took place behind the king’s back and just after his death. The discomfort that Hold feels being in the camera while the members discuss the murder of the daughter and the brother of the late king is evident in his expressions throughout the scene.

It is evident to be Hard that it is a budding coup d’état, and during this meeting there is no king on the thr1. He witnesses how to be Prison murders Lord Lyman Bees bury, the only dissident in the council and loyal to Chandra. To add more dishonor, they are debating the murder of Chandra and Daemon, the family of the late king whom he swore to protect, a fact that could very well ask him to undertake or in which he is complicit. Being Sarong has no man to respond to and does not receive orders from the minor council; The purity of the Royal Guard is at stake, a purity symbolized by the white layer.

When taking off the layer, being Hard symbolically shows that he will not tarnish the legacy and oath of the Royal Guard with murders and betrayals; Until there is a king for him who is serving, he is departing from this unsending discussion and plot. House of the Dragon shows how the true Knight of the Kingdom, such as being Hold, behaves and is one of the few people left in King’s Landing with some honor.

The exhibition of being Hold has a lot to do with what happens in the future in Game of Thrones, where Jamie Lannister becomes the Madeiras after killing King Aeries II during Robert’s rebellion. The plot of being Jaime living with this misfortune develops throughout the entire series, and the challenge of being Hard to do something similar shows the antithesis of it.

As the first season of the series comes to an end, surely many more questions will be left to answer, but now you know Why was Handed removed the layer in House of the Dragon? .

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