At 3:30 pm on the 15th, a fire broke out at SK C & C Pang yo Campus A in Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, and major service access disorders such as Aka Talk and Aka T (Taxi), a tenant, are continuing. Aka said that it is possible to normalize the service within 2 hours after the recovery of the data center.

According to the fire authorities, the fire occurred on the 3rd basement floor of SK C & C Pang yo Campus A. Two hours after the fire, he was initially suppressed at 5:46 pm and cleans up the light. Currently, more than 80 firefighting personnel and 30 pump cars are mobilized to suppress the fire. There is no casualty damage.

The fire building is 6 stories above ground and 4 floors below ground, managing data such as Aka and Never. As a result, services such as KakaoTalk, Aka Pay, Aka Story, Aka T (Taxi), and Aka Map are not available.

When I tried to log in to the KakaoTalk web version, I couldn’t do the request. It’s a temporary phenomenon, so try it again later. Mobile KakaoTalk does not have a message receipt.

Drum is also available for portal sites, but when you press categories such as ‘News’ and ‘Brunch’, the error notification or connection delay screen continues. Never also had some services such as Live Commerce Smart Store.

Aka said that when all data centers are recovered, the service can be normalized within 2 hours through server distribution. An official of SK C & C said, The fire started in the electric room, but it did not spread to the server and the computer room.