Won shin characters appeared in Inchon Hyundai Department Store.

On the 14th, Hobo Bus opened the Won shin 2022 autumn pop-up store in Inchon, Seoul Hyundai Department Store. This pop-up store sells about 400 kinds of goods, including the first public goods in Korea.

Won sin 2022 Fall Pop-up Store will be held at the second floor of Inchon Hyundai Department Store for 10 days from 14th to 23rd. It is operated by a reservation system for order and safety in the event.

The space in the agency will be composed of six event zones including the goods sales zone of the original theme, the adventurer guild zone, the mini-game zone, the photo zone, the play zone, and the donut z1. In addition, outside Inchon Hyundai Department Store, the pop-up store promotions and Burundi character balloons were composed of abundant attractions. In addition, the company plans to catch the fun and mind of users with about 400 kinds of goods, including the Picnic Series (Lion), and the PlayStation demonstration zone, including the Tibet Zoo goods released for the first time in Korea.