Open World RPG ‘Tower of Fantasy’ will be updated on the 20th.

Users can start a new fantasy adventure on the 20th at the Tower of Fantasy 2.0 Bella space-time. The Bella area is composed of a desert, but there is a cyberpunk city, Mirror City, and the mysterious creature Gray in the desert, and the pioneers fight against it. Mirror City, where science and technology develops, is a city in the desert. Pioneers can freely explore high buildings, architecture and streets in Cyberpunk City.

The new replica ruby will also appear in the first large update of Tower of Fantasy 2.0. Ruby with a cute appearance, her best friend, Spark, can fire a powerful flame beam and can be officially found after the update.


Perfect World also released the title song “ NEW WORLD ”, the title song of Tower of Fantasy 2.0, where singer Sunni participated in commemoration of the first update. ‘New World’ is a song consisting of abundant directing ranging from the lonely feeling of the vast desert to the stylish and intense feeling of Cyberpunk City. The player will hold a lot of events such as attendance checks and random box machine draw events for 7 days on the official Tower of Fantasy homepage from October 20, and will be able to acquire Stern’s autograph and in-game items.

More information and news about the game can be found on the homepage and official lounge of ‘Tower of Fantasy’.