The game culture foundation has published the ‘Game Industry Social Contribution Activity White Paper 2012-2021’, which has gathered social contribution activities in the game industry for the past 10 years.

This white paper is summarized by dividing the social contribution activities of domestic game companies into four categories according to their personality. ▲ Support for donations, sponsorships, and vulnerable groups ▲ Children, youth, education, and competitions ▲ enhancement of disabled people, volunteer activities, game awareness ▲ It is an excellent company award for social contributions in Korea.


Chairman Kim Jong-il said, I would like to express my gratitude to everyone in the game industry who actively participated in social contribution activities through various types of cooperation. I vowed to make a constant effort to do it.

Park Boleyn, Minister of Culture, Sports and Tourism, said in a congratulatory speech, As the game is getting more and more economic, social and cultural ripple effects on our society, game companies actively develop social contribution projects gain pride. I hope you will be a model for more people with more active activities, and we hope that the warm energy you have created will spread to all society.

The game industry’s social contribution activities can be viewed on the official website of the game culture foundation.