A new event has become available in Tower of Fantasy. This includes the association of the community for the joint passage of Vera Orienteering stages. At the first stage, you need to assemble a warp-energy cells. So, here is a guide on how to get a warp-energy cells in Tower of Fantasy.

Где найти варп-энергетические ячейки в событии Vera Orienteering в Tower of Fantasy

You can get the Vary energy cells in the Vera Orienteering event in Tower of Fantasy in two ways. The first is to kill all enemies-hyena, and the second is to open any chest that you will encounter.

The murder of enemies-hyena will bring you a warp-energy cells, but not so many. Smaller enemies will give you one warp-energy cell, and the larger ones will give you four. We did not find a single other enemy who drops the warp-energy cells during our research or murders.

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Another way to get the energy of a warp-yoke is to open all chests. Although this may be due to the opening of rusty iron chests or two types of chests with a password that you can find. Rusty chests give you about five units of the energy of the warp-clamp, chests with a password of the first type give about 15, and Type two gives 50 energy of a warp.

The Vera Orienteering event is a public event. All players contribute to the common cause to unlock the awards. We started playing this, and the percentage was lower than 0.75%, but since we collected the energy of the warp-yachiki, this value has increased to 1.29% without any action on our part.

We collected 200 units. The energy of the warp-yachka at a value of 1.29%, which has not increased. It will take the entire Tower of Fantasy community to reach 100%. There are three chests that you can get with a certain percentage step.

20 * %- x1 Special voucher
55 %- 100 dark crystals
100 %- 100 dark crystals


So go there, kill enemies-hyenes and collect all the chests that you see to help achieve this goal 100%.

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