Valkyrie Profile, released in December 1999, has a wide range of charms, such as the development of a story linked to the game system, the pleasure and exhilaration of the combination of the dense life and drama of friends, and the combination of attacks. I stopped the popular work.

Later, the series will be expanded, and while inheriting its charm, this movement will be cut off once in the 2008 Valkyrie Profile Fragment. Although the social game Valkyrie Anatomia-Origin-, which was operated from 2016 to 2021, was well received, the release to home game consoles has long been silent.

However, the latest work of this series, Valkyrie Election , will be released on September 29, 2022, for PS5/PS4/PC (Steam). Moreover, in this work, the genre was greatly changed, and it appeared as an action RPG. Many people are worried about how the new story of Valkyrie, which comes to the peace, is spun.

This time, we were blessed with the opportunity to play the PS5 version of Valkyrie Elysian, which is equivalent to the product version, so we delivered a play repo that approaches the characteristics of this work ahead of the release. If you are worried about purchasing, please take a look as a help of the judgment material.

In addition, I will not mention the story, but please note that it includes spoilers due to the nature of ** articles. In addition, it will be a report that focuses on the first play content.

■ The twilight of the gods starts with a crisis situation. That’s why the benefits of entering without preliminary information.

I don’t mention the details, but the worldview, which is the key to the Valkyrie series, is also based on the Nordic mythology. However, at the time the story begins, most of the gods are destroyed, and you can find a fairly unpleasant situation.

At the beginning, except for the protagonist, Valkyrie, there is only Odin to talk to, and the luxurious palace is quite quiet. This situation will be improved little by little as the story progresses, but at the beginning of the play, it may be a bit.

However, because of this crisis situation, there are few required premise information, and the prologue at the start is enough to understand the current situation. The story changes when it comes to stepping into it, but there is no major problem if you play it normally without information such as the past work of the series. Therefore, you can enjoy the battle of this world, which has a sense of end, even in the inexperienced series.

In addition, what kind of development will the story that begins in such an extreme situation will come in the future? You can expect such points and boost your willingness to play.

By the way, Valkyrie’s heroes, the heroes led by, and the contacts with Inferior are quite intense, and there is a chance to glimpse their background. In Valkyrie Profile 2-Sil Media-, it was a bit unsatisfactory, but this work can be expected to dig deeper.

■ Valkyrie alone is a little tight. After the addition of Inferior!

The genre of this work is the action RPG. In a three-dimensional 3D space, fight against many enemies. Since it is the first direction for the Valkyrie series, its touch is one of the points to be worried about.

When you start the game, it starts with a tutorial that learns all operations. That said, it is not separated in the game, but Odin confirms Valkyrie’s battle.

In this tutorial, you will learn a variety of elements in the battle at once, but when the main story starts, no one has Inferior, and the weapons and skills are at a minimum. It will be a start from scratch.

The movement that can take Valkyrie during the battle has one necessary action RPG. It is almost always said that the basics are being held down, such as the so-called weak and strong attacks and the combination of the attack, avoiding guards, and changing weapons.

There is also a unique element called Soul chain, which can be released to enemies and gimmicks and moves at high speed. The enemy may be scattered depending on the situation because it fights in the 3D field, but you can use this Soul chain immediately. It is a system that keeps the trouble of moving in the battle considerably. In addition, enemies in the air can be supplemented, and it can be connected to the air combo as it is, so it is also helpful that the use is wide.

However, there are some points that I was a little worried about in the battle. Valkyrie’s attacks change motion and effects due to the derivative of the combo, but some of them were worried about long motion and rigidity at the end of the attack.

Of course, it is an element of the action RPG, but in the case of this work, it is a response that stiffness etc. is slightly stronger. Since the enemy is basically multiple, when fighting against a certain enemy, there were many opportunities to receive horizontal spears at the end of the combo and stiff.

Some people may have read so far and are worried that the battle of this work has no exhilaration? But here is the key point. Valkyrie alone is a bit hard to fight alone because this work can fight with Inferior.

In the first series Valkyrie Profile, the attacks of the protagonist and Inferior were allocated to each button, and the combination of 〇 × △ □ was the character attack as it was. It is also a system because it is a turn-based RPG.

In this work, which became the action RPG, he summoned Inferior according to the enemy encounter. After the call, they will fight automatically, so you can enjoy co-fighting without extra operation.

You can’t enjoy a combo with a combination of buttons like a past work, but the real pleasure of repeating this attack in real time is exceptional according to the movement of Inferior who attacks. It is difficult to compare directly because the direction is different, but the cooperation of this work is also responsive and exciting enough.

Moreover, you can send Inferior for the attack target, so you can concentrate your strength on the formal enemies, or disperse the burden to the enemy you aim for. By using Inferior accurately, the risk of receiving horizontal spears from the enemy is substantially reduced. Due to these linkage elements, the battle of Valkyrie alone would be a slightly harsh balance.

It takes a little time for Inferior to join in the main story. Therefore, even if you feel a little stress while fighting alone, it is a little different from the original game character of Valkyrie Elysian. So don’t give up, please proceed to joining Inferior. You can enjoy the new Valkyrie battle and exhilaration that changed from turn system to action.

This time, we focused on the story (no spoiler), which is particularly concerned as the latest work of the Valkyrie series, and the feeling of fighting with Inferior, which has changed from combo to cooperation.

Valkyrie itself increases the number of actions and things that can be done with growth, so if you calculate back, it can be said that it is the most unsatisfactory time immediately after the start. That’s why it’s a waste to stumble at the beginning. We hope that you will survive it and enjoy the action of Valkyrie Elysian that gradually spreads.

If you are worried about the detailed game system, it is recommended that you touch the trial version for PS5/PS4. However, again, a battle without Inferior is a little difficult, so be prepared for that point.

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