Fib ii was acquired in May 2021 by the e-sports as well as way of life company Wave Esports (brief: wave) as a web content developer. She is the first banner in the rankings of the European organization established in 2019.

As the only women individual in the leading 5, she is also the fastest growing banner in the German-speaking Twitch.

The promo by Wave and also its look in various Finest of collection raised Fib ii’s awareness rapidly. While she had had an average viewer in the previous year, she currently had approximately 872 viewers in Might 2021 (using Sully gnome).

The German Twitch is altering. It was just in June the biggest German streamer, Marcel Montanblack Eris, was thrown off the throne after 4 years. Now a new banner gets on the way up.

Success does not continue to be undetected: Fib ii currently brought in the interest of well-known streamers such as MontanaLack, Try macs as well as Knows, which brought her additional growth. Monte especially praised Fib ii for her interest as well as said she put a great deal of interest in what she does (through YouTube).

_ Fib ii comes from a brand-new generation of Twitch banners. However, who were the very initial ones who achieved success with the stream? _

Fib ii has actually already attained this: The banner has virtually 350,000 fans on Twitch. In the past one month, approximately almost 3,500 people enjoyed her. This makes it among the most checked out German banners on Twitch (by means of Sully gnome).

Fib ii is for that reason among the huge victors on Twitch in the existing year. If you compare numbers of the last 180 days, Fib ii lands in 4th area in the fastest growing German-speaking networks. There she appears together with popular sizes such as Montanblack and Try macs.

In August 2022, Fib ii was even among one of the most watched streamers around the world as well as took 7th location in front of the largest German streamer Antonia Reed Stab.

At simply 16 years old, FBI Fib ii Pfeifer is already one of the most effective individualizes in German Twitch. She specifically likes to reveal the tactical shooter Valorant. We at Mango present you to the streamer.

That is Fib ii? Fib ii is a German Twitch streamer from Saxony. Her bourgeois name is FBI Pfeifer, on the internet it generally looks like Xiii or Wave Fib ii.

Just how old is Fib ii? Fib ii was born on January 5, 2006, as well as is presently 16 years of ages.

In among one of the most prominent clips in your corner, Fib ii makes her streamer associates flat:

Throughout the Mario Kart along with Montanblack as well as Try macs, it was just recently so enthusiastic that Fib ii damaged her table.

What’s taking place for Fib ii? The 16-year-old is currently a permanent banner and has actually relocated into her initial very own apartment in Erfurt, where she has already set up her new streaming location. We can certainly look ahead to many other streams.

Nonetheless, Fib ii is likewise on the road on various other social media sites. In addition to Twitter as well as Instagram, Fib ii additionally has a TikTok network. There she uploads brief perceptions from her life and also streams, all kind of dancing and also clips from her streams for her even more than 260,000 fans.

Where can you look at Fib ii? In addition to your Twitch channel, Fib ii also operates a YouTube network.

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** What web content can you anticipate from FI BII? She had her starts with Fortnite, currently she primarily reveals the tactical shooter Valorant.

As Fib ii announced on September 16 through Twitter, she has currently uninstalled TikTok. The account still exists, however it is vague whether and also when brand-new video clips will certainly show up there.

In a stream from August 22, 2022, Fib ii got to the Ascendant rank, the 3rd greatest ranking in Valorant after Glowing as well as Never-ceasing. This makes it one of the top 5 % of the shooters in the shooter (through shortages). Fib ii likes battle veteran Reyna.

If Fib ii does not play Valorant, she hangs out with her visitors in Simply Chatting or organizes cooking streams in her initial own home. She also suches as casual video games like Individuals.

Fib ii is currently one of the best banners in German-speaking Twitch. But she is not the only 1. A growing number of banners are pushing right into the guy’s club Jerk. Below we offer some of the most effective German streamers:

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At just 16 years old, FBI Fib ii Pfeifer is currently one of the most effective characters in German Twitch. Where can you look at Fib ii? In addition to your Twitch channel, Fib ii additionally runs a YouTube channel. What’s going on for Fib ii? Fib ii is already one of the greatest banners in German-speaking Twitch.