List Union Berlin | Grill-Jaeckel, Knocked, Diego Leit-Trimmel, R. Hegira, Person, Haberer (64. 58.: Trimmed? Halftime: What was that an amazing preliminary phase? 6.: it can function so promptly. Prior to the start: even a little much better, points work with the Unions, although hefty video games have actually been on the program so far.

1. FC Nonunion Berlin 0: 1 (0: 1).

Square Team Sp. Tore Diff Pts.
1. Bayern Munich 6 19: 5 14 12.
2. Cofferdam 6 12: 7 5 12.

3. | Freiburg | 5 | 10: 5 | 5 | 12.
4. | Borussia Dortmund | 6 | 8: 7 | 1 | 12.
5th | Union Berlin | 5 | 12: 4 | 8 | 11.
6. | Mainz 05 | 6 | 6: 9 | -3 | 10.
7. | Fragrance | 5 | 10: 6 | 4 | 9.
8. | Russia M’Playback | 5 | 7: 5 | 2 | 8th.
9. | Welder Bremen | 6 | 12: 11 | 1 | 8th.
10. | RB Leipzig | 6 | 9: 9 | 0 | 8th.
11. | Eintracht Frankfurt | 6 | 11: 12 | -1 | 8th.
12. | Schalke 04 | 6 | 8: 13 | -5 | 6.
13. | Augsburg | 6 | 4: 10 | -6 | 6.
14. | Stuttgart | 6 | 6: 7 | -1 | 5.
15. | Bertha BSC | 6 | 6: 8 | -2 | 5.
16. | Wolfsburg | 6 | 5: 10 | -5 | 5.
17. | Bayer Leverkusen | 6 | 8: 11 | -3 | 4.
18. | Bochum | 6 | 4: 18 | -14 | 0.

19.: There is little time to breathe here, however we sum up briefly: own objective, a shot trading as well as a taken out objective. Union presently does not make the impression of stopping. Fragrance needs to take care right here!

35.: The game has shed speed, Union no more opts for the high stress on the 2nd objective. Rather, the guests initially check out what Cologne needs to supply. The Fischer team always lurks on the counterattack anyway.

56.: Union now switches over back into the forward gear. Becker chips the round from the baseline into the penalty area, where Siebatcheu does not rather come. A little later, Schaefer manages 20 meters, yet Kilian obstructs.

Final thought: In the end, a very own goal decides the battle in between the previously unbeaten groups. Union took advantage of Kilian’s regrettable action early, yet a little later was and missed out on a fine irritated by a withdrawn goal. Fragrance had troubles with the strong defensive of the Berliners over the entire period, only Pedersen threatened prior to the break. In the 2nd round, Main and Keying awarded the most effective Perfume chances therefore it remained 0-1. Kilian flew off the square with yellow-red in the final stage. Generally, the success for Union is great.

Halftime: What was that a magnificent first stage? Union took the lead with a very own goal of Kilian and shortly afterwards had the opportunity of the second objective. Due to the fact that Sketches missed miserably and a goal from Becker appropriately did not count away, it continued to be. Fragrance just slowly entered into play as well as made itself incredibly difficult versus the compact defensive of the Knickers. It is not for nothing that Union is the most effective defensive in the organization. Pedersen still had the finest Cologne opportunity after an edge.

28.: Fragrance has no poor pass rate, yet there is still no ideas in the video game onward. The trouble in this very first half hour is more as a result of the weak battle price.

54.: Talking of tactical fouls, Pedersen is. Below, nonetheless, one of the more difficult selection, he orders Schaefer on the appropriate side. Yellow is the rational consequence.

Prior to the beginning: Both groups were currently in the European Cup in the Fragrance Mug this week in the Seminar League, Union in the Europa Organization. While the iron against the Belgian club Union Saint-Gilloise shed 0: 1, 1. FC Cologne versus the OGCN ice did not obtain out of a 1-1 means, the video game was outweighed.

90.: After that it’s over!

Before the beginning: even a little far better, things deal with the Unions, although heavy games have actually been on the program thus far. Success in the derby (3: 1), against Leipzig (2: 1) and also a high success on Schalke (6: 1) were crowned 1-1 versus FC Bayern. The league should have no impact on the fact that the start to the Europa League did not function.

10.: the perforce shot! Siebatcheu competes as well as only slightly pushes the sphere to the right of the goalkeeper.

1. FC Cologne vs. Union Berlin: Bundesliga now in the Linebacker joint 1st half.

52.: Existed a handball in the charge location? Diego Lat really obtains the ball in the battle against Main, yet this is not punishable. Take place.

1. FC Cologne vs. Union Berlin: Bundesliga now in the live ticker.

47.: grill protects against the quick balance! Keying extends a long pass flawlessly into the program of Main, which makes Diego look old with its rate. Versus grill, the ex-Hannoverian stays the 2nd winner, grill anticipates greatly with his right arm.

1.: The initial Sunday video game is running!

1. FC Cologne vs. Union Berlin: Bundesliga currently in the Linebacker Separation 1st half.

81.: Currently it comes to the Effie: Schaefer begins the counterattack after a Fragrance edge and also passes the center line past Kilian. It leaves the leg, devotes the tactical nasty as well as flies off the square with its 2nd yellow. Unnecessary, since he still had 2 colleagues around him.

21.: Practically the next own objective! Schaefer sends Becker to the right into the penalty area, once again a lot of space for the demonstrator. Swabia protects the level effort with his foot, Kilian after that does not obtain his legs sorted as well as only brings the round over to the right.

61.: The Berliners are currently the extra energetic team. Trimmed and also Becker rapidly execute a corner kick on the left, yet inevitably the flank of Trimmed finishes up in the arms of Schwab.

29.: For the first time the Effie threatens! Main leaves the head of the Diego box on the right and afterwards carries out. Grill parries the ball onward and after that is fortunate that Dietz simply missed out on the rebound.

90.: Union now makes this brilliant and also hides the ball on the left corner flag.

40.: This is absolutely nothing half as well as nothing whole that Fragrance supplies offending below. First Pedersen gets stuck to a shot from 17 meters, then his flank is likewise obstructed on the left. He chooses out the edge kick.

1. FC Cologne vs. Union Berlin: Bundesliga currently in the Linebacker adjustment Union Berlin.

Bundesliga: The table on match day 6.

46.: as well as therefore into the 2nd round!

The Sunday game in between 1. FC Cologne as well as Union Berlin can be seen today at DAZN . The preliminary reports begin at 2:45 p.m. The following personnel will certainly be released throughout the transfer:.

41.: as well as this is a lot more hazardous and also once more it is Pedersen! The left-back comes to the header at the lengthy blog post with terrific distress and also puts it by one meter on the right.

1. FC Cologne vs. Union Berlin: Bundesliga currently in the live ticker-yellow for Kilian.

75.: … and also Sven Michel replaces Herald Becker.

Tore | 0: 1 Hubert (own goal) (3rd).
Checklist 1. FC Cologne | Schwäbe-Schmitz (62nd Schindler), Kilian, Hubert, Hector-Martel, Shirt, Pedersen (62nd Juridic), Main (85th Damian), Keying (75th Thailand)- F. Dietz (46th Tinges).
Listing Union Berlin | Grill-Jaeckel, Knocked, Diego Leit-Trimmel, R. Hegira, Person, Haberer (64. Antonio), Schaefer (89th Seguin)- Siebatcheu (75th Bearers), Becker (75. Michel).
yellow cards | Kilian (9th), Pedersen (54. ), Schindler (72nd), Kilian (81. )- Knocked (53. ).
Red cards | Kilian (81st)-.

50.: Cologne comes a bit a lot more energetic, Union is still waiting. There are constantly edge balls for Effie, however risk does not radiate.

Prior to the start: English weeks constantly result in some turning and also so Steffen Rampart takes 5 changes contrasted to the 1-1 in Nice in the Seminar League: Benny Schmitz, Eric Martel, Kristian Pedersen, Linton Main and also Florian Dietz replace Kevin Schindler, Jan Thailand, Dean Juridic, Andrej Dada as well as Steffen Tinges.

45. +1.: There are one more three minutes.

  • 1. FC Cologne: Schwäbe-Schmitz, Kilian, Hubert, Hector-Martel, Shirt, Pedersen, Main, Keying. Dietz.| Union Berlin: ** Grill-Jaeckel, Knocked, Diego Leit-Trimmel, R. Hegira, Person, Haberer, Schäfer-Siebatcheu, Becker.

1. FC Cologne vs. Union Berlin: Bundesliga now in the Linebacker adjustment 1. FC Cologne.

1. FC Cologne vs. Union Berlin: Bundesliga in the live ticker for reading.

1. FC Cologne vs. Union Berlin: Bundesliga currently in the real-time ticker-yellow for Pedersen.

1. FC Cologne vs. Union Berlin: Bundesliga now in the LiveTicker-yellow-red card Kilian.

1. FC Cologne vs. Union Berlin: Bundesliga currently in the real-time ticker-yellow for bone.

Before the beginning: In the organization today’s game is most definitely a top video game, since both groups are still unbeaten after 5 suit days, only FC Bayern can additionally claim that. Union Berlin can even temporarily take over the lead.

32.: Cologne ends up being braver as well as often reveals itself in the last third. The last line of the Unioner is attentive and also has in certain Dietz totally in his pocket.

In the first Sunday video game on match day 6 of the Bundesliga, Union Berlin had the ability to beat 1. FC Cologne 1-0. The live ticker for reading.

1. FC Nonunion Berlin 0: 1 (0: 1): Statistics on the video game

85.: Another adjustment near Perfume: Saris Damian comes for Linton Main.

62.: Rampart modifications two times: Kingsley Schindler comes for Benny Schmitz…

9.: charge for Union! The Perfume indigenous stands with his back to the ball, so nothing can do anything.

53.: This is just one of these tactical fouls that you have to draw. Tinges would certainly be totally free, so Knocked draws briefly on the demonstrator jacket and also sees yellow for it. We don’t need to assume concerning emergency situation brake here, Jacket was still at the very same elevation.

1. FC Cologne vs. Union Berlin, Bundesliga: Official constellations.

75.: Beyond, Fischer exchanges his dual tornado: Kevin Bearers comes for Jordan Siebatcheu…

89.: The last adjustment at Union: Andrei Schaefer makes space for Paul Seguin.

Before the start: |* Hi and welcome to the Bundesliga on match day 6! 1. FC Cologne gets Union Berlin.

67.: What else comes from the Fragrance? The Effie has actually not shot a goal for around 20 mins, Union has protective whatever under control right here. Besides, the residence side currently have extra ownership, can you do something with it?

78.: What else can we get out of the last stage? The game is still totally open, a huge print stage can not be stimulated by any of both teams in the second round. Cologne needs to go to run the risk of gradually.

83.: Union is currently trying to find the decision, yet still plays also cumbersome at the front. Antonio intends to play the double pass with Michel at the charge location, however eventually there are a lot of Cologne legs. Antonio doesn’t survive.

25.: Slowly but definitely we need to speak about the exploitation of the visitors, Siebatcheu leaves the following large choice! After a trimmer flank, the demonstrator involves the header from 10 meters as well as places it over the ideal blog post only in centimeters.

1. FC Cologne vs. Union Berlin: Bundesliga now in the Linebacker change 1. FC Cologne.

Before the beginning: Union Berlin sends out the adhering to team right into the race: Grill-Jaeckel, Knocked, Diego Leit-Trimmel, R. Hegira, Person, Haberer, Schäfer-Siebatcheu, Becker.

1. FC Cologne vs. Union Berlin: Bundesliga now in the Linebacker junction 2nd half.

74.: Antonio with the possibility! Siebatcheu claims the sphere with his back to the gate and also covers the former Bochum, who tries it with a Schooner from 18 meters. Simply over it.

44.: Union currently hinges on the lead and just strikes the Perfume group around the facility line. Evidently the visitors intend to save the slim lead right into the half, which appears realistic in the most part of the safe Cologne.

Before the beginning: That Fragrance placed on an excellent beginning to the season is naturally out of the concern. After 3 pulls in a row, the Rampart team won 4-2 at VFL Wolfsburg last weekend break despite an early shortage and is presently on the European Mug with 9 points. The group has up until now been gone by the separation of striker Anthony Modest.

Before the beginning: The lineups are there! This is how 1.

Prior to the beginning: |* The video game will be started at 3:30 p.m., the video game is played in the Perfume Rhein-Energie Arena.

16.: The objective does not count which is absolutely correct. Becker was clearly offside with the mix of shot and flank from Trimmed. The only question was whether Sketches was in the meanwhile and also therefore lifted off. Had not been he, it remains with 0: 1!

1. FC Cologne vs. Union Berlin: Bundesliga now change in the live ticker-the groups.

Prior to the start: Other essential players are still providing the DFB: The referees. Benjamin Corpus leads the game. Florian Concern and Rafael Forty are on the side lines, Thomas Wozniak is the fourth official. Markus Schmidt as well as Jonas Weickenmeier sit in the basement in Perfume.

1. FC Cologne vs. Union Berlin: Bundesliga today on TV as well as livestream.

Articles as well as video clips on the subject.
* To dirty: BVB is self-critical.
* Hurt once again? So it has to do with Musial.
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9.: Kilian additionally sees yellow for the handball.

6.: it can function so quickly. Really, this preliminary stage does not yet have much to offer, Union currently wishes to utilize uncertainty with the Perfume. The guests remain offending.

Before the beginning: Both clubs got on the road European. In regard to sporting activity, points went better with the Perfume: A 1-1 at OGCN ice is quite excellent. If it weren’t for the heavy riots of some thugs where there were also harmed. This will most likely still have effects for the two clubs. Union, on the other hand, missed out on the overture to the team stage as well as lost 0-1 against the Belgian rep Saint-Gilloise.

1. FC Cologne vs. Union Berlin: Bundesliga currently in the Linebacker objective Union Berlin.

Before the beginning: Urs Fischer additionally turns after usage in the Europa Organization (0-1 versus Saint-Gilloise), here there are 4 changes: Diego Lat, Andrei Schaefer, Julian Person as well as Jordan Siebatcheu Back for Danilo Delhi, Nico Gießelmann, Genii Yamaguchi and Kevin Bearers in the group. Grill also stands for Connor in the gateway of the guests.

24.: Fragrance desires to calm the video game a little and also attempts to keep the ball in your own rankings for longer. On the various other hand, Union holds up the stress and does not quit when pushing.

58.: Trimmed? After a cost-free kick from the left side, the right-back really intends to flank the round right into the center. This fails something, however it ends up being hazardous. Everyone checks out how the round slaps to the ideal crossbar.
| Mediator: Laura Monterrey.| commentator: UPI Rebel.| Professional: Sebastian Neal.| Reporter: Sasha Babinski.

12.: Now the stadium is certainly there! Perfume steps forward over the left side, Hector draws out of 22 meters, however eventually relocates dramatically.

14.: What is this for a preliminary phase? Union enhances! A flank from Becker lands on the right at Trimmed, who chases after the ball volley via the penalty area. The ball in some way reaches Becker, who conquers penis from an incredibly sharp angle with a low shot. But does the hit matter? That smelled off.

1. FC Cologne vs. Union Berlin: Bundesliga now in the LINEBACKER last 2nd fifty percent.

37.: Grill can be distinguished: a long pass from Hector gets to Main on the ideal side, which does not torch for long and also keeps it from 18 meters. Grill anticipates the huge shot, after that the flag increases anyway.

1. FC Cologne vs. Union Berlin: Bundesliga currently in the real-time ticker-yellow for Schindler.

90.: Four minutes stay the Effie to achieve the equilibrium below!

55.: Schaefer has to then also be dealt with briefly, but can proceed playing right now.

69.: There is a level! Tinges prolongs the ball to Keying at the fine point.

46.: Florian Dietz might not establish any accents as well as is replaced by Steffen Tinges in the second round.

45. +3.: harmful! A corner from Keying expands Hector on the brief article, Martel in some way concerns the ball, but can not place it on goal. Soon after that the break whistle seems!

1. FC Cologne vs. Union Berlin: Bundesliga now in the Linebacker change 1. FC Cologne.

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1. FC Cologne vs. Union Berlin: Bundesliga currently in the Linebacker adjustment Union Berlin.

62.: … and Dean Juridic changes Kristian Pedersen.

72.: Currently it obtains hectic. Schindler sees the yellow card for an intended nasty on Antonio, which implies that the Perfume locals do not agree. The referee finally also advised a Cologne supervisor unemployed.

3.: Tooooooooooor! 1. FC Köln-1. FC Union Berlin 0: 1. Is the bitter for Effie, a very own goal makes certain early behind! A long pass from Grill lands at Siebatcheu, which forwards to Becker on the left edge of Becker. The scenario is really not hazardous, but Kilian falsifies a pass from Becker in his own goal. .

75.: There is 1 or 2 adjustments once again. At Perfume, Jan Thailand is new to Florian Keying.

Outlook: The European Cup weeks continue, Union takes a trip to Sporting Bragg, Fragrance obtains 1. FC Slovak. After that, the away game in pointless Consumers is on the program for Effie in the league, the Berliners obtain VFL Wolfsburg.

88.: So, we have currently arrived in the outright final phase, Cologne throws everything forward. The Unioner’s defensive work is extremely disciplined, also the offending players are not as well negative to enter into the crucial battles in the back.

64.: On the other hand, Milos Antonio is new for Janis Haberer.