They want to know How to get and update the Lightning Strain of Origins in Chronicles Zombies ? Well, don’t look for it anymore because we have it covered in this guide that explains what steps you should follow and how to solve the intricate puzzles of the game.

How to get the Origins lightning cane in chronicle zombies

The Lightning of Origins in Chronicles Zombies is possibly the most difficult to achieve, especially when you compare it with the fire and wind process. But, before acquiring this magic tool, you should know that this experience can be much easier if you have another partner with you because this trip takes a little time.

In addition, while exploring the map, you can prepare at the beginning by turning the dials of mechanical devices to update Lightning Staff in the future (you can consult the code in the update section of this guide).

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to get all parts of the Origins lightning cane:

* Get the registration of lightning personnel.

You can find the musical album for Origins Lightning Staff near the generator 4. Usually, at the end of Wind Staff Cave, in the big car next to the generator and on the table next to the Der Wunderfizz machine.

* Unlock the way to church.

The only way to get the lightning cane is using the tank inside the church, so you must pay the toll to enter the establishment. Keep in mind that you will need enough money to travel in the vehicle from one place to another to get all the necessary pieces.

* Mount in the tank and jump near a wooden platform.

While traveling at the top of the tank, eliminates the first zombie group that climbs to the vehicle. Then, try to jump on the wooden platform with stairs, as shown in the image below. However, this interaction in Chronicles zombies is something complicated and sometimes you can jump at the wrong time (simply goes back until you get it).

* Get the second part of the Lightning Staff.

The tank will stop on the muddy road near generator 2 and will wait until it is ready to reassemble in the next part. Once you are ready, you can grab the next two parts if you have someone else with you: one can jump to get the second piece on another wooden platform, while the other gets the last part in the church.

* Take the last piece of the cane.

Those who run alone in this mission must operate the tank again, since the third part can only be achieved when they return to the church. The players can see a path there once they approach enough and jump to grab the final piece of the Lightning of Origins in Chronicles Zombies.

* Get the album and the gramoph1.

Now that you have all the pieces, it is time to use them by finding the black musical album and the gramoph1. The record is generated in three locations: near the excavation sign next to the tunnel that leads to the first generators, above the boxes next to the entrance of the church and in a truck on the excavation site (you will have to pay to enter)..) The gramophone always appears on the floor of this area as well.

* Enter Crazy Place from Lightning Cave.

Place the Lightning Record and the Gamphone on the table inside the staff of the staff.

* grabs the lightning crystal (the purple structure) in Crazy Place and creates the cane at the excavation site.

Update of the Lightning Code and the Lightning Bast

The Origins Lightning Staff in Chronicle Zombies has two codes that you must use to update the powerful game tool. First, you must return to Crazy Place and go to the Lightning Staff area, where you should see a set of purple triangles.

Source: Activision through Origins lightning

During this time, players must hit specific triangles with Lightning Staff in the lower row (ignore the upper part) to start the update trip of the magical weapon. Here is the correct order:

First round of update of the Lightning Staff Code: * Press the first, third and sixth triangles (wait for the flashes to disappear before moving on to the next group).
Second Round of the update of the Lightning Staff code : points to the third, fifth and seventh triangles.
Third Round of the update of the Lightning Staff code : Hit the second, fourth and sixth triangles (Samantha should congratulate you at this point).

The next phase in which you should participate is to turn the dials (use the action button) on mechanical devices throughout the chronicle zombies map. You should look for these machines, as shown here:

Source: Activision through Origins lightning

To make sure you understand what to do in this origins of Origins, you can check this Lightning Staff code:

Here is the order of the switches in the origins, just a little help. Have a good day and keep safe ???? of tosmithplays

Once you have completed this puzzle of the game, you can return to the excavation site and interact with several levers there until all the colors of the rings are purple. Then, you must hit the purple orb inside the rings with Lightning Staff and return to Crazy Place. Be sure to be prepared before entering because you can not use the tool while updating (you must place the cane in the glass structure at the beginning of your adventure).

You must defeat a certain amount of zombies in Crazy Place to completely enhance the Lightning Staff, and you can find a weapon on the wall there if you run out of ammunition during this phase.

Once Samantha praises you again, it is time for you to collect the improved lightning cane and more advances in chronicle zombies.

That is enough for our guide on How to get and update the Lightning Straight Co-gap in Chronicles Zombies . To get more content about the franchise, you can check the relevant links below and see our guides on the most recent call of duty and Call of Duty: MW2 Vault Edition.

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