The Genshin Impact is a world full of colors, such as lotuses, Padisars and Viparia, and these are only some of them. The rose to the pile is another flower that, fortunately, does not require you to be an experienced forest observer, such as Tignari, to find it. If you still have difficulties, read on to find out how to find this purple beauty.

Где найти розу Сумеру в Genshin Impact

Almost everywhere, wherever you go to the pile, you can find a rose to a pile. The most important thing that you need to understand is that, as Tignari says (rather roundabout way), rose is not a traditional rose to a pile. This is a purple flower from a completely different classification, so do not let it deceive you. It is also important to note one place where you will not find this flower is in the city of a pile.


Also, several aranars are scattered in the pile, which will give you this flower as a reward for help.

Для чего используется роза Сумеру в Genshin Impact?

A bunch of everything. The rose is a pile-this is an ingredient used both in craft recipes and in cooking. This is necessary for Dendro potion, bait for sugar dew and dishes, including fish roll from lambada and Padisar Puding .

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