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Wow: Dragon Trip has enormous capacity. under one problem

In some cases it was the artifact weapons, often an epic pendant as well as often the pacts as well as their abilities and incentives. Everyone had two things alike: they were connected with essentially wonderful grinding effort as well as were dropped again at the end of the growth. But that is exactly what really feels poor. For months, an attribute was matured, from which you after that needed to component again. In Dragonflies we have actually been seeking such an attribute fruitless up until now.

With spot 9.2, the programmers have actually taken a path in WoW that WOW: Dragon Trip will certainly continue. One says goodbye to an entire series of out of favor functions and also systems. Over all, the end of the supposed obtained power is. This has actually been with us in different forms for lots of years.

no compulsion, no player power

We are complimentary to invest our time in WoW (get currently) as we prefer to do. You don’t have to do anything else as players who only have fun on the PVP or dungeons if you simply desire to raid.

It is also visible that there disappear includes to which we are compelled as a player. No Toughest, no throat, no island expeditions, no war fronts as well as no credibility. The only equivalent up until now is the political teams, which do not provide us any Player power as well as for that reason diligently be called optional.

features, however no material

With Dragon Flight we still obtain brand-new systems. The dragon riding and the new skill trees ought to be one of the most essential. The former changes regular flies for a minimum of a couple of months and the latter donates a quickly required refresher course treatment to the classes and also playing styles and also provides them with different play styles. Both are good functions that lots of gamers will certainly influence, no doubt. Both functions likewise have a huge catch. The dragon riding is enjoyable, however I can not think of that gamers state themselves: Today I log in to fly around a little with my kite.
The kite flying inspires, but will not be a factor to visit. Source:
The dragon riding will just be a secondary work and also as quickly as you have actually accumulated all glyphs (which is very quick), it no longer supplies straight employment, yet only improves the various other content with a cooler movement technique. The complying with likewise applies here: the remaining content is updated, but none will log in to WoW because of the talent trees.

quick and regular updates

Nevertheless, the question of lasting inspiration emerges. Dragon trip runs a little danger of ending up being a mixture of Won and also Calamity. Great features, with which just a component of the players truly bargains (revision of the Old Globe Vs. Deep skill trees) as well as most importantly: inadequate to do.


Dragon Flight still supplies the advantage that there are significantly more material than in WON. And also we all recognize the common wow player.
No expansion brought additionally and quickly as WoW: Legion. Source: Blizzard
In any kind of situation, WoW: Myriad has to offer as a model. After the launch, Dragon Flight will certainly be able to influence the new ability trees and the web content for a while.

Until now, Dragon Flight can inspire the players. There are critical comments occasionally due to the fact that there are still a few pests in the beta, but the reactions are mostly very favorable with respect to the web content. And that is reasonable, I see it on the test web servers after hundreds of hrs.

the designers have it in hand

So it is up to the designers, wow with Dragon Trip to bring back to a gold future. Yet if this enters into the trousers, it doesn’t simply try to find the future of one growth. Three moderately prominent extensions straight would certainly not be great. If the listening to the community does not work, WoW actually regulates its end.

Lots of, reasonably cool content, which are still optional as well as still be able to utilize a couple of weeks or also months. It was exactly what WoW needs for the future from its basic concept.
You really did not have to like Earth Mortis-but content provided plenty. Source:
If the developers should prosper, Dragon Flight should go down in WoW history as a transforming point. As the point where the developers thrown away long past due systems and also replaced them with a constant circulation of content. If you consider the voices in the online forums, it is specifically what the players desire. And if you listen to what the designers tell in different interviews, it is exactly what the developers are pursuing.

Nevertheless, if we rest on the WoW: Dragon Trip launch material after release six, 7, eight or perhaps more months, after that monotony should be bored. Most likely much faster than in past extensions. During that time we were forced to do with content that did not appreciate us and also had no time at all for boredom. This is not really much better, simply a various variation of stupid.

To the homepage to the gallery

If the designers must succeed, Dragon Trip need to go down in WoW history as a transforming factor. If we sit on the WoW: Dragon Flight launch material after launch 6, seven, 8 or also more months, then boredom ought to be burnt out. It is up to the programmers, wow with Dragon Trip to bring back to a golden future.

With patch 9.2, the programmers have actually taken a course in WoW that WOW: Dragon Trip will continue. The adhering to additionally uses below: the staying web content is upgraded, yet none will certainly log in to WoW due to the fact that of the talent trees.

How to get a warp-energy cells in Tower of Fantasy-Vera Orienteeuring

A new event has become available in Tower of Fantasy. This includes the association of the community for the joint passage of Vera Orienteering stages. At the first stage, you need to assemble a warp-energy cells. So, here is a guide on how to get a warp-energy cells in Tower of Fantasy.

Где найти варп-энергетические ячейки в событии Vera Orienteering в Tower of Fantasy

You can get the Vary energy cells in the Vera Orienteering event in Tower of Fantasy in two ways. The first is to kill all enemies-hyena, and the second is to open any chest that you will encounter.

The murder of enemies-hyena will bring you a warp-energy cells, but not so many. Smaller enemies will give you one warp-energy cell, and the larger ones will give you four. We did not find a single other enemy who drops the warp-energy cells during our research or murders.

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Another way to get the energy of a warp-yoke is to open all chests. Although this may be due to the opening of rusty iron chests or two types of chests with a password that you can find. Rusty chests give you about five units of the energy of the warp-clamp, chests with a password of the first type give about 15, and Type two gives 50 energy of a warp.

The Vera Orienteering event is a public event. All players contribute to the common cause to unlock the awards. We started playing this, and the percentage was lower than 0.75%, but since we collected the energy of the warp-yachiki, this value has increased to 1.29% without any action on our part.

We collected 200 units. The energy of the warp-yachka at a value of 1.29%, which has not increased. It will take the entire Tower of Fantasy community to reach 100%. There are three chests that you can get with a certain percentage step.

20 * %- x1 Special voucher
55 %- 100 dark crystals
100 %- 100 dark crystals


So go there, kill enemies-hyenes and collect all the chests that you see to help achieve this goal 100%.

To receive additional guides on Tower of Fantasy in Pro Game Guides, read Tower of Fantasy Interprinting Frost fire Dragon Boss, & How to Beat and How to Page Events .

What does the best MMORPG look like? In charge of Final Fantasy XIV explains his view

That claims Yeshiva : In an interview with the colleagues from Euro gamer, director Naomi Yeshiva said what he comprehends by a supreme MMORPG. The one in charge of FFI refers much less to information such as looks, gameplay or questing, yet generally to web content.

In the ideal instance, the designers must respond to as lots of questions as well as demands as it is possible for them. So if the FFI group launches new web content, then fit it even more and also further while keeping the gamer in mind.

According to Yeshiva, the kind of web content is chosen by the gamest of the growth group, according to Yeshiva. At FFI, this includes himself, the Aide Director, the material director, the Battle Supervisor as well as various other heads of the numerous programmer departments.

The director of final Dream XIV, Naomi Yeshiva, discusses in a meeting what his viewpoint is the best MMORPG. He additionally speaks about the numerous solo content in his very own MMORPG.

My idea of an ultimate MMORPG is a game in which the gamers can choose the web content that they intend to do. […] A game continues to create if it can fulfill the requirements of many gamers and also not simply the demands of a details sort of gamer. In my eyes, the utmost perfect is for that reason not ‘play all content that needs to offer the game’, but can pick which material you intend to play.

Naomi yeshiva

solitary gamer material in MMORPGs

It is an example of how Yeshiva implements his suggestion of the perfect MMORPG. The brand-new content and also the changes to the old are not a task and the gamers can choose whether they wish to do this material or otherwise. All the same, there are no serious drawbacks for them.

At the exact same time, according to Yeshiva, this method offers to take the individuals who typically have little to take with Multiplayer or MMORPGs to do not like the communication with others.

The point here is not that we focus specifically on single player content, yet that the size of the game, its content as well as its development are ultimately huge sufficient. Currently, we can additionally provide material that is adjusted to the solo gamers.

Naomi yeshiva

I desire to look after individuals who assume that integrating with other players is irritating in MMORPGs. That in the end you find out to appreciate the fun that playing with others.


Naomi yeshiva

That likewise states Yeshiva: By doing this of assuming at the very least partially turns this method of thinking to his own MMORPG. With the last update 6.2, FFI came to be a good item of solo-friendly. The web content The Inseparables is a solo instance and older compulsory dungeons from the Add-on Heavenward can currently also be contested in a group of NPCs alone.

What do you think about Yeshiva’s concept of the Ultimate MMORPG? Do you assume that he is right, or should any type of content be fascinating for everyone in an excellent MMORPG? Compose us your opinion in the remarks.

So it functions as an introduction for the gamers who typically prevent the group game and also offers them the chance to have a look at it without being forced to do so.

By the way, Yeshiva also talked about the island heaven:

Boss of Last Fantasy XIV says that players need to slowly play the new content-ends specifically just how you believe

He also chats about the many solo content in his very own MMORPG. > My suggestion of the best MMORPG is a video game in which the players can select the material that they desire to do. In my eyes, the best ideal is for that reason not ‘play all material that has to use the game’, but can select which web content you desire to play.
The brand-new content as well as the changes to the old are not a duty as well as the players can select whether they want to do this material or not. Do you believe that he is right, or should any kind of web content be fascinating for every person in an excellent MMORPG?

Grounded: Medal mirror with shrinked rankings

Grounded beginnings tomorrow with the 1.0 variation as well as the first ratings of the international professional press are already on the internet.
You can see a selection right here.

Grounded-medal mirror

  • 9/10-PC Gamer
  • 9/10-Attack of the Fanboy
  • 8.7/ 10 cog connected
  • 8.7/ 10-IGN Italy
  • 8.5/ 10-Destructooid.
  • 8.5/ 10-Press Start.
  • 8/10-dual feces.

  • 8/10-Gamespot.
  • 7/10-games radar.
  • 5/5-Windows Central.

* 4/5-twinfinite.
The Metacritic Metascore is presently 85, while Operatic 83 is reached.

The combo of Valkyrie Profile is Valkyrie Elyssion and Real -Time Cooperation ACT! Evolved into a co -fighting battle that helps each other [Play Replo]

Valkyrie Profile, released in December 1999, has a wide range of charms, such as the development of a story linked to the game system, the pleasure and exhilaration of the combination of the dense life and drama of friends, and the combination of attacks. I stopped the popular work.

Later, the series will be expanded, and while inheriting its charm, this movement will be cut off once in the 2008 Valkyrie Profile Fragment. Although the social game Valkyrie Anatomia-Origin-, which was operated from 2016 to 2021, was well received, the release to home game consoles has long been silent.

However, the latest work of this series, Valkyrie Election , will be released on September 29, 2022, for PS5/PS4/PC (Steam). Moreover, in this work, the genre was greatly changed, and it appeared as an action RPG. Many people are worried about how the new story of Valkyrie, which comes to the peace, is spun.

This time, we were blessed with the opportunity to play the PS5 version of Valkyrie Elysian, which is equivalent to the product version, so we delivered a play repo that approaches the characteristics of this work ahead of the release. If you are worried about purchasing, please take a look as a help of the judgment material.

In addition, I will not mention the story, but please note that it includes spoilers due to the nature of ** articles. In addition, it will be a report that focuses on the first play content.

■ The twilight of the gods starts with a crisis situation. That’s why the benefits of entering without preliminary information.

I don’t mention the details, but the worldview, which is the key to the Valkyrie series, is also based on the Nordic mythology. However, at the time the story begins, most of the gods are destroyed, and you can find a fairly unpleasant situation.

At the beginning, except for the protagonist, Valkyrie, there is only Odin to talk to, and the luxurious palace is quite quiet. This situation will be improved little by little as the story progresses, but at the beginning of the play, it may be a bit.

However, because of this crisis situation, there are few required premise information, and the prologue at the start is enough to understand the current situation. The story changes when it comes to stepping into it, but there is no major problem if you play it normally without information such as the past work of the series. Therefore, you can enjoy the battle of this world, which has a sense of end, even in the inexperienced series.

In addition, what kind of development will the story that begins in such an extreme situation will come in the future? You can expect such points and boost your willingness to play.

By the way, Valkyrie’s heroes, the heroes led by, and the contacts with Inferior are quite intense, and there is a chance to glimpse their background. In Valkyrie Profile 2-Sil Media-, it was a bit unsatisfactory, but this work can be expected to dig deeper.

■ Valkyrie alone is a little tight. After the addition of Inferior!

The genre of this work is the action RPG. In a three-dimensional 3D space, fight against many enemies. Since it is the first direction for the Valkyrie series, its touch is one of the points to be worried about.

When you start the game, it starts with a tutorial that learns all operations. That said, it is not separated in the game, but Odin confirms Valkyrie’s battle.

In this tutorial, you will learn a variety of elements in the battle at once, but when the main story starts, no one has Inferior, and the weapons and skills are at a minimum. It will be a start from scratch.

The movement that can take Valkyrie during the battle has one necessary action RPG. It is almost always said that the basics are being held down, such as the so-called weak and strong attacks and the combination of the attack, avoiding guards, and changing weapons.

There is also a unique element called Soul chain, which can be released to enemies and gimmicks and moves at high speed. The enemy may be scattered depending on the situation because it fights in the 3D field, but you can use this Soul chain immediately. It is a system that keeps the trouble of moving in the battle considerably. In addition, enemies in the air can be supplemented, and it can be connected to the air combo as it is, so it is also helpful that the use is wide.

However, there are some points that I was a little worried about in the battle. Valkyrie’s attacks change motion and effects due to the derivative of the combo, but some of them were worried about long motion and rigidity at the end of the attack.

Of course, it is an element of the action RPG, but in the case of this work, it is a response that stiffness etc. is slightly stronger. Since the enemy is basically multiple, when fighting against a certain enemy, there were many opportunities to receive horizontal spears at the end of the combo and stiff.

Some people may have read so far and are worried that the battle of this work has no exhilaration? But here is the key point. Valkyrie alone is a bit hard to fight alone because this work can fight with Inferior.

In the first series Valkyrie Profile, the attacks of the protagonist and Inferior were allocated to each button, and the combination of 〇 × △ □ was the character attack as it was. It is also a system because it is a turn-based RPG.

In this work, which became the action RPG, he summoned Inferior according to the enemy encounter. After the call, they will fight automatically, so you can enjoy co-fighting without extra operation.

You can’t enjoy a combo with a combination of buttons like a past work, but the real pleasure of repeating this attack in real time is exceptional according to the movement of Inferior who attacks. It is difficult to compare directly because the direction is different, but the cooperation of this work is also responsive and exciting enough.

Moreover, you can send Inferior for the attack target, so you can concentrate your strength on the formal enemies, or disperse the burden to the enemy you aim for. By using Inferior accurately, the risk of receiving horizontal spears from the enemy is substantially reduced. Due to these linkage elements, the battle of Valkyrie alone would be a slightly harsh balance.

It takes a little time for Inferior to join in the main story. Therefore, even if you feel a little stress while fighting alone, it is a little different from the original game character of Valkyrie Elysian. So don’t give up, please proceed to joining Inferior. You can enjoy the new Valkyrie battle and exhilaration that changed from turn system to action.

This time, we focused on the story (no spoiler), which is particularly concerned as the latest work of the Valkyrie series, and the feeling of fighting with Inferior, which has changed from combo to cooperation.

Valkyrie itself increases the number of actions and things that can be done with growth, so if you calculate back, it can be said that it is the most unsatisfactory time immediately after the start. That’s why it’s a waste to stumble at the beginning. We hope that you will survive it and enjoy the action of Valkyrie Elysian that gradually spreads.

If you are worried about the detailed game system, it is recommended that you touch the trial version for PS5/PS4. However, again, a battle without Inferior is a little difficult, so be prepared for that point.

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Xok and Rubius do not shut up on the controversial prohibition of gambling on Twitch

Twitch h made the decision to ban gambling in streaming. The company refers to the protection of viewers the main reon for this change. How could it be otherwise, this h caused some controversy, which h even reached some of the most popular streamers. This is the ce of Rubies and Pokeys, who have expressed their point of view in this regard.

against the decision, but with nuances: Date also about football matches


Rubies h given his personal opinion and h stated that he does not believe that the solution is to eliminate bets: No, I say this in a personal opinion, not the absolute truth or anything. What I think is that each person is responsible for his acts, and that it is eier in a situation to blame external things about a problem that you have, rather than face those problems.

And he adds: And if people are complaining about gambling on Twitch, q Also go to football and TV , which is always putting cinos ads during childhood hours. According to Rubies, he would not do that kind of content.

In the conversation that the two streamers have maintained, the Pokeys h intervened to say that what bothers him is not that there is gambling, but that the important thing is that a person does gambling, because then it is true that They are deceiving the audience . The Galician influencer clarifies that the main problem is that they do not play their own money.

Through a statement, Twitch h expressed its decision to update its use policies to prohibit gambling sites during streaming, since they consider that it can be potentially harmful. At the moment, Roll bit, duel bits and Robert are vetoed s, although the company emphizes that this list could be expanded in the future. They will maintain, yes, sports bets, fanty sports and poker.

Kleinhenz and Betz: More than one duo

At TSV Abstract, evidence of the mentoring bench rests at TSV Abstract that two alpha pets can integrate on the coaching bench. In the sequence remedy, ex-coach Josef Francis (54), who took his hat off from the state to the local league after 9 successful years, became a hat, and also has been head of the young people department in the club given that this season. Subject: He advertised Victor Leaden (after that 29), A certificate owner, after 4 weeks from his column head coach. A year later, André Beta, B permit holder, came from the infinite regional rival, the Bayern league team TSV Großbardorf, the 8 kilometers over to the power in the severe field and also came to be an assistant trainer. He was Dallier for 6 years, as is stated in Großbardorf, most just recently as a sporting activities director and also previously head trainer.

Leaden and also Beta soon ended up being fortunate cases for the association with their human as well as professional qualities. Your training approaches must not substantially blow up the framework of the typical blowing up, your sort of personnel administration. With the outcome of a mood in the 25-man team, in which competition and also consistency are not equally special. What is not a random item, however results from the reality that both have a good say when installing the squad, look closely at the prospects and take note of the proper mix of the characters. This leads to this phenomenal group chemistry, which eventually helps to make up for the significant minus of training systems over the local league teams.

A training group from 2 males with high responsibility as well as reliability that had understood quite possibly due to two bordering towns. Without exceptional higher-class referrals as a gamer and player instructor, both made the action of lower play classes in the western area of Bad Kissinger into the sporty-successful eastern grave area in Lower Franconia.

All choices are reviewed

In spite of 10 years of life, we have come throughout much more typically, stated Beta, where football was constantly the subject number 1. Vicky was also my follower as a gamer train at FC Thumb, whom he from the district league to the area organization led.

One of the most recent examples is Marco Nickel’s brand-new commitment (23, most recently Augsburg II), in which Leaden and Beta may have believed a lot once again.

You simply have a little more time, validates Beta, looking at the gamer a bit much longer. All choices would be reviewed in the group. But Vicky has the hat, claims the assistant train. If one is a favor, I have a hundred percent of them.

Christopher Bieber (33) as a playing assistant trainer has actually been more gamers considering that Michael Dillinger’s long-lasting injury (tear of the Achilles ligament), while goalkeeper trainer Christian Mack (37), and for twelve years of gate goalkeeper at TSV, concerning the ideal club understanding has. As an assistant coach, you are a bit closer to the team, says Leaden, Beta’s benefits.

Topic: He promoted Victor Leaden (after that 29), A certificate holder, after 4 weeks from his column head instructor. A year later on, André Beta, B certificate holder, came from the everlasting local competitor, the Bayern organization team TSV Großbardorf, the eight kilometers over to the power in the major area as well as ended up being an assistant instructor. He was Dallier for 6 years, as is claimed in Großbardorf, most lately as a sporting activities’ director as well as formerly head train.

We are a lot more than a duo, yet a group of trains, they describe. Christopher Bieber (33) as a playing aide coach has been more players given that Michael Dillinger’s long-term injury (tear of the Achilles ligament), while goalkeeper coach Christian Mack (37), as well as for twelve years of gate goalkeeper at TSV, regarding the finest club expertise has. As an assistant trainer, you are a bit closer to the team, says Leaden, Beta’s advantages.

Survive on the southern island! Approach the charm of the rogue light survival experience Card Survival: TROPICAL ISLAND with a card! [Play in Digebo! ]

Play in Diego! Features a digital board game with charm with board game elements, card game elements, and table talk RPG (TRPG) elements. This time, we will deliver the rogue light survival card game Card Survival: TROPICAL ISLAND that survives on the southern island by trial and error.

This work was distributed by Innerspring Games on STEAM on September 17, 2022. Innerspring Games is a developer that has gained popularity by releasing the rogue light Card RPG CARD QUEST in 2017. This work is also a game system using a card.

As for the content of this work, the search, collection, cooking, craft, battle, etc. performed in survival games are made well into card games. The evaluation on Steam has been high since early access, and updates are frequently performed. Let’s play what kind of game it has been!

Survival on the southern island!

First, from the character makeup. There are three characters prepared from the beginning, but when playing for the first time, you can only choose Hunter . You can also make a custom character, but this is also a state where there are many items that are locked when playing for the first time. Let’s play with a hunter for the time being.

Each character has various parks. In the case of hunters, survival, such as Dark Skin that is resistant to sunlight, insect repellent where insects do not come close, strong immunity , which is resistant to illness. There is a suitable park, and it can be said to be a character for beginners. As a relief measure, there is also a Safe Mode that can be started from the morning of the day even if you die.

Game Start. Click Journal to see what to do. There are items such as Exploration of Enter, Sharpen Stones, Capping Fires , so let’s do it from where you can.

Main screen. The leftmost part of the card lined up at the top of the screen is the current location (entry). The right side is what you can do at your current location. For example, if you select sea , dive and wash your body , and if you select sand , collect sand and make sand castles ** Can. Time progresses by acting (the required time varies from action). There is nothing like a tutorial, so you have to try it with a trial & error. First, let’s explore the entry.

Click Enter and select Search . I consumed 15 minutes and found palm tree and heavy stone . The search rate also increased to 4 %. The blanks lined up at the bottom of the screen are the item column on hand. You can leave the items in the center of the screen, but when you move to a different area (for example, jungle), you can carry only the items in the item column. There is also a weight limit.

Click Blueprint to the craft screen such as tools. In addition, by performing research , new tools can be craft. Currently, research on pit hole is possible. However, I often do it before I secure food, so let’s put it off.

In order to secure food, take palm real from the palm tree that I discovered earlier. It has a wood climbing skill, so it seems that it can be collected without injury. When I did it, the result was success. I consumed 30 minutes and got four palm fruits.

Let’s make tools!

This work has a familiar parameter in survival games, such as thirst, hunger, hygiene, body temperature, weight (list at the bottom left of the screen). As I climbed the palm tree earlier, thirst and hunger have been reduced. Of course, if these are exhausted, they will die. Find a way to eat palm fruit.

If sharp stone is likely to be drilled in palm fruit. The craft requires two stone and heavy stone . The heavy stone was obtained earlier, so the only thing is st1. Let’s take a walk around the Fiji for a while. This groping feeling is fun because it feels like a survival.

I searched the entry several times and finally found a st1. Created by placing stone and heavy stone in Blueprint. In about an hour, the sharp stone was completed. Next, place the palm fruit in the center of the screen and layer sharp stone to palm fruit. At first, I peeled the skin, piled up again, drilled a hole, and divided into half again. You can now eat it.

Further, pick the half of the paced pork and take out the pulp inside. You can finally eat it. The procedure is fine and real. The palm that removed the pulp is the item palm shell . It seems that you can use it for other things. By the way, if you want to drink palm juice, you need to drink it in half.

What is needed for survival is fire . If there is a fire, you can cook. I can’t always eat coconut. To make campfire , stone x 4, wood, branch is required. Let’s go to search again.

Branch was found, but wood was hard to find. There is a way to cut down trees, but you need wood to make stone ax . After continuing to search for Hasura, I found Jungle Road . Enter the jungle and explore it, and easily get wood. The ingredients are available, so let’s return to the entry.

I seemed tired because I was just acting from a while ago. Click the digital clock at the top left of the screen to get break menu . You can choose Wait 15 minutes, 1-hour rest, Nap, Sleeping . I took a rest for about an hour and got tired. You can study wooden leaves , so let’s do it later.

To survive!

Although it is good to complete with the ingredients of the campfire, there is no tool to raise the essential fire. Moreover, the sun has already settled, and the area has become dark. I have no choice but to sleep because I can not do anything. There is no tent, so let’s pray that it will not rain.

Unfortunately, it rained while sleeping. It’s still the second day of survival, but it’s quite hard. Sleeping has greatly reduced thirst and hunger. My body gets wet and my body temperature decreases. You need a covered evacuation site.

Go to the jungle again to get wood. I ate palm of palm for my stomach, but if I keep eating the same thing, it will be tired state . You need to get the fire quickly and increase the variations of your meals. However, it is difficult to get wood…

Create an equipment Hand Drill for lighting. In addition to branch , cutting tool is required, so use sharp st1. Although it is good to be completed, it is necessary to have dry leaves to put on the fire. The road is far, but I have to do my best.

I found a dry leaf and managed to ignite the campfire. The first dish of crab and Kai picked up in the entry. Shape has a shell, so you have to break it with sharp st1. It was baked in about 20 minutes. However, even if you eat it, you don’t have much to add to your stomach, and you’ll rely on coconut after all.

The meal is over, and the night has come, so I decided to sleep. Since the tent has not been made yet, I will lie down in the entry. However, at 1 o’clock in the middle of the night, she woke up with nausea. My physical condition became ill, and I also caused dehydration due to diarrhea. The problem is to overeat coconut. I can’t move because it’s night, so I have to wait for the morning on the spot.

Explore the coast at dawn. However, he could not find anything, and finally died of dehydration. Because it is a safe mode, you can start over from the morning of the death day, but it is already clogged, so it is better to play from the beginning. Next time, the challenge is how to secure water and food without relying on coconuts. If you can survive for a long time next time, be sure to play with your own hands.

rogue light Survival with fun trial and error

This work has no tutorial, and the protagonist thrown out to the southern island is a rogue-light survival sign that survives somehow. You have to think about what you need, like a real survival. If possible, it would be more fun to play while trial and error without looking at the strategy. It is good to have survival knowledge by playing many times.

The final purpose of this work is to make a raft and escape from the island, or to settle on the island **. I think it will be quite difficult to make one rope, but if you continue playing, you will be optimized.

Also, every day you survive, you will receive one currency sun and Moon in 30 days. You can use this to release the custom character park, so you can use it to make the game advantageous (conversely, add a penalty to make the game difficult).

Currently, only English support, but there are few textbooks, and if you know the words, you can play almost intuitively. If you want to enjoy survival games without action, please try this work.

Product information

Respawn amusement: ask for absolutely no tolerance when threatening designers

We welcome community payments, however the boundary between useful comments and also the nuisance of our group of growth need to not be surpassed, states a statement that was shared on Twitter, to name a few points.

The Peak Legends makers of Respawn Amusement have often been challenged with actions of this kind in the past. In a current declaration, the United States studio once more asked and also opened this topic for a zero tolerance plan, given that the security and health of workers ought to always come initially.

In the past couple of months, numerous developer workshops and authors have actually continuously whined regarding hazardous habits on platforms such as Twitter, which often even finished against the programmers.

programmer expect positive comments

It also implied that the programmers always expect responses if this actions in a constructive structure: We enjoy listening to feedback and also will continue to function with our neighborhood to promote considerate, cooperative setting and also keep the affordable honesty of our video game.

Those accountable for respawn enjoyment will certainly not shy away from matching measures if they are necessary to make certain the safety of their own personnel if in question. We would love to advise our players that we have an absolutely no tolerance policy towards threats and harassment of our designers. We will take suitable measures to ensure the health and also safety of our team, said the studio hereof.


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Pinnacle Legends is offered for the PC, PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 5, the Xbox One, the Xbox Collection X/S and also Nintendo’s Switch Over.

Assassins Creed Valhalla will be expanded to consist of new graves, and also soon

More to do for eggnog: If you come from individuals who can not get sufficient of air conditioning Valhalla, we have good news for you. In a tweet, the studio behind the current Assassin’s Creed reveals a brand-new growth.

Tomb of the dropped 2: This tweet handle the 2nd grave of the dropped plan. The first was published last November, so nearly a year earlier. In maintaining with this, quickly the second lots of the challenge graves must follow.

Assassin’s Creed Valhalla remains to grow: Ubisoft still feeds the Mammal Open Globe RPG with new content even after almost 2 years. This time around the growth group was a second plan with brand-new tombs of the dropped We may already understand when that comes.

Sexism troubles at Ubisoft: The French programmer and also publisher has been charged of a poisonous company culture given that July 2020. These include far-reaching sexism issues, misogyny as well as discrimination, which need to be deeply anchored in the business. Ubisoft have already attracted effects, for example, staff members of the monitoring degree were traded and openly talked about the accusations, but these actions are not regarded by many workers as inadequate.


air conditioner Valhalla gets brand-new graves of the dropped.

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New Locations & more: In the graves of the dropped, we can after that just fix one or the other challenge, accumulate new items as well as artifacts. Furthermore, naturally, we wish that the story around the graves will be wrapped up.

At the first tomb of the dropped bundle, the tombs could be seen as quickly as we opened our negotiation. In addition, 2 new achievements were opened when we had done a tomb and after that 3 graves. We think that part 2 will certainly be comparable.

When does the upgrade come? There is no precise date. Thanks to PlayStation Video game Dimension, we recognize that there is already a brand-new spot in the PlayStation database to Assassin’s Creed Valhalla. This might be upgrade 1.6.1, which may appear Tuesday and likewise present the brand-new tombs. This has actually not yet been formally validated.

Right here you can watch the trailer for the Valhalla successor Assassin’s Creed Mirage:

There are presently much news from the Assassin’s Creed world:
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In enhancement to Assassin’s Creed Mirage and also Code name Red as well as Witch, 2 mobile titles also show up. Yet that was much from all. The Assassin’s Creed Hub a/c Infinity is finally outsourced in the here and now. Additionally, ASSASSIN’s Creed Invictus additionally waves a multiplayer descendant.

Just how do you discover the view of a lot more tombs of the dropped in air conditioner Valhalla?

Sexism issues at Ubisoft: The French designer as well as author has actually been accused of a hazardous company culture given that July 2020. Tomb of the fallen 2: This tweet offers with the second tomb of the dropped package. In enhancement, 2 new success were unlocked when we had done a tomb and also then three tombs. When does the update come? There is no accurate day.

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