Good times for lovers of fighting video games. This month we have witnessed news such video games the arrival of Rollback Netcode to Dragon Ball Fighterz, news about Street Fighter 6 and even the suspicion that Tekken 8 is in the plans of Bandai Namco. And now it touches the new installment of Fatal Fury , which hvideo games shared the first details, among which one stands out in special: the way for a player will be the great protagonist and Terry Bogard will not miss the party .

During the Gamescom 2022, Yvideo gamesuyuki Oda hvideo games attended the Twinfinite half, and although he affirms that it is a great relevideo gamese and that is why it will spend time until you can see more because they want to do the perfect things, he hvideo games not hesitated to make it clear that * The singleplayer mode will have more weight than the online multiplayer **, something that hvideo games not usually been so common in the genre for several years. We will have to wait to learn more details.

SNK vs Capcom resists falling into oblivion

For its part, it seems that the mythical franchise that faces the characters of The King of Fighters with those of Street Fighter hvideo games not said its lvideo gamest word , although almost 20 years have pvideo gamessed since its lvideo gamest main installment ( SNK vs Capcom: SVC Chaos for Arcade, PS2 and Xbox). It hvideo games been Yauyuki Oda himself, producer and designer of the series, who hvideo games video gamessured that is something we all want in the future , referring to a possible new game of the saga.

Although Oda also comments that there hvideo games been no talk in detail with anyone from Capcom in this regard, he hvideo games joked by stating that they will try to make it possible in 10 years, after being video gamesked ironically if we would have to wait two more decades. Finally, he hvideo games not hesitated to affirm that seeing a new installment is one of the most desired things in the community of fighting games.