When Methabus emerged as a global trend beyond the game world, it was Com2uS, which was beaten by this market as soon as possible. The company announced the meta bus platform called Com2 Bus early and began development. Even when interest in Methus was somewhat faded, Com2us continued to recruit cooperative partner companies and focused on creating a proper metabus platform.

On the 25th, Com2 Bus held Media Day at the Conrad Hotel in Yeouido and unveiled the business and development roadmap of Com2 Bus. It’s been a year since the Prototype video of Com2 Bus was released. At the event, CEO Song Jae-jun, CEO of Com2u bus, CEO Lee Kyung-il, CEO of Com2 Bus, and Hong Seung-jun, head of the Development Division, were able to listen to the future, development and future plans of Meta Bus.

Com2us defined methus is the Internet of the new era

Com2 bus first started this event by revealing the meta buses defined by themselves. Song Jae-joon, CEO of Com2us, said, It is Methus that has moved everything that can be done on the Internet to the open world virtual world. Furthermore, Com2us has a technology that can accommodate numerous people at the same time in three-dimensional virtual space, a value chain that can provide various contents, and a technology to realize decentralization. I showed it.

Since then, CEO Lee Kyung-il, CEO of Com2 Bus, appeared to explain the goal of Com2 Bus. Com2 Bus is aimed to allow you to arrange and enjoy the information and content provided in the form of 2D in the web browsing in four dimensions in the virtual reality of methus. CEO Lee Kyung-il referred to this as ‘meta browsing’ and predicted that it would be the next era. Com2 bus is an open ecosystem infrastructure that is free from participants to build space and provide content and services, he said.

Start from Ireland of about 3,200 soccer fields

Since then, Hong Seung-jun, head of the Com2 Bus Development Division, explained how to implement Com2 Bus. Com2 buses will consist of nine Ireland. Originally, the Ireland was scheduled to be divided into office, content, and services according to the purpose, but it was changed to enter one Ireland in the development process. One Ireland consists of 900 blocks, and one block is shaped by 100 cells. For reference, one Ireland is about 3,200 football fields.

In one Ireland, large-scale number of employees, which exceed thousands of units, can be connected. Com2 Bus has named it ‘Space Scaling’ and is currently preparing for a patent application. In addition, users can travel around Ireland using their avatars, modeled after their faces to add a sense of reality. This avatar is combined with AI technology that reads and reflects the user’s expression, so it is possible to communicate nonverbal.

Com2 Bus is designed by dividing it into a private area, which is open to all users and a space used by companies. In the public area, people can freely bus, personal broadcasts, and open exhibitions, festivals, and performances. Com2 Bus plans to provide various technologies such as Howling, noise, background removal technology, and special effects to provide this environment.

In the private area, the person who has been sold the space can raise the building and decorate the space. As it is a virtual reality, the use of space can be reduced or expanded to the fullest in the given volume. For example, on the fifth floor, you can create an office that can be used by all employees of the company, and only one small boss room on the 6th floor. In addition, as it is a space provided through the sale, price fluctuations depend on the market economy, just like real estate, and it is possible to buy and sell.

For reference, Com2 bus’s key currency is a native coin used by Com2u’s Web 3.0 Mainnet XPLA (Expla), but it also offers a variety of payment methods such as cash and credit cards for the convenience of users.

Commercialization since 2024

Com2 Bus will join the new partner KT, in addition to Hana Financial Group, SK Networks, Teachers Group, Kyobo Bookstore, Hanmi Healthcare, Brand Exor will, My Music Tast, Youngsil Up, Dr. Now, and Put Tech. It was first released. Although it is not known in detail how to cooperate, it is a strategy to promote various cooperation businesses in connection with metabuses of KT, a leading ICT leader.

Com2 Bus will build an office and convention center with the basic platform by the first quarter of next year. In particular, we will complete the conference hall at the request of many companies. Later, in the third quarter, major partners will be built, and in the first quarter of 2024, the company plans to open a service for general users and small businesses. To put it simply, the office function will be operated from the first quarter of next year, and in the first quarter of next year, ordinary users can stop by the comu bus and enjoy various contents. As a result, the land sale will begin next year, and if the system is stable, citizens will also be granted to users.

Meanwhile, at the end of Media Day, Professor Hyun-Joon Yoo, Professor of Architecture University, Hongik University, known as the best expert in the construction of domestic urban construction, appeared in the video. Professor Yoo Hyun-joon will join the COM2 bus (Chief Creative Officer). Through the video message, I am happy to be able to share my thoughts and experiences with the comu buses. I want to create an ideal city without reality constraints.

The following is a professional question and answer.

Q. According to the roadmap, 2024 is scheduled to commercialize Com2 Bus. Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg said it would take five to ten years to commercialize the Metalsers. Is 2024 completion of Com2 Bus or Start?

Hong Seung-jun, Director of Comu Bus Development Division (hereinafter referred to as Hong): The definition and expectation of the meta buses you see is different. The word for 5 to 10 years includes the speed and spread of the network. Com2 buses will be able to create infrastructure and shorten time because partners and general citizens will build content.

CEO Lee Kyung-il, CEO of Com2 Bus (hereinafter referred to as Lee): Meors Buses have a big difference between each company. Com2 buses are open meta buses, so I think they can be filled with many people.

Q. Professor Yoo Hyun-joon was recruited as CCO. What role will he play in Com2 bus?

Lee: There was a lot of concerns about how to combine the reality and the virtual world in the development of methuses. In building and urban planning, the game company needed expertise that the game company did not have. If Professor Yoo Hyun-joon is with me, I thought that I could make better things by combining the experience of reality and the virtual experience.

Q. Where is the service?

Hong: Starting platform is a Windows PC. It will expand to Mac OS or mobile in the future. The user is expected to use it for its own device.

Q. Are you discussing collaboration with overseas companies?

Lee: will be conducted for overseas companies next year. It has already begun discussion.

Q. Can you know the land sale method in detail?

Lee: We are planning to sell from next year. The first Ireland is likely to be a space used by domestic companies. Of the 90,000 cells, some parts will be a public space for the community revitalization, and the rest will be sold. Land prices will be supplied to the market first at a fixed price, and NFT will be issued at the same time. Subsequent markets are expected to be formed separately.