PC gaming occasionally goes to instrumental sports, and there is no shortage of supply in the field. But while many are aiming for spectacular additions, such as LED lights and more severe frames, the new game keyboard The Shrimp (domestic IPana) is aiming in the opposite direction.

The Shrimp does not offer anything extra. The right half of the traditional keyboard shines with its absence. Indeed, Ipana has only 20% of traditional siblings. The purpose is to provide a smooth entity for players who do not want anything other than the essential.

We wanted to wipe the dust from the ‘game keypad’, says Kari Viljanen , The Shrimp’s Product Developer.

The keyboards have not had much development from the 1970s computer terminal keyboards. Today’s ‘gaming keyboard’ seems to be mostly black with a standard keyboard with RGB lighting and maybe a couple of extra buttocks too far from easy-to-reach distance, Viljanen continues. The fact that the keyboards are mechanical is not a new innovation of the last decade. It is actually a return in time and brought back the overwhelming technology of old times. All keyboards were mechanical before, and later became membrane to cut the cost of the home computer market.

However, only the 25 key, The Shrimp, does not compromise on equipment. The mechanical Gateron G Pro switches and the padded magnetic wrist support aim to make gaming comfortable even in longer sessions. The device has a USB-C connector that ensures fit for PC equipment as well as with PS4 and PS5 consoles.

The price or release date of The Shrimp in many different styles is not yet known.