Attention savings bank customers: there will soon be a new service. This makes it easy to pay worldwide.

Dortmund-Many Sparkassen customers can look forward to a new service. Because their Sparkassen-Card stored in the smartphone will soon be valid worldwide. The function is to come in 2022.


Sparkasse introduces innovation and makes it possible for customers worldwide

Sparkasse customers will receive this upgrade automatically within the next few weeks, at the latest from the fourth quarter of 2022. There is only one prerequisite: customers must have a physical Sparkassen card with the two payment methods Girocard and Debit-MasterCard.

If you have deposited the Sparkassen-Card digitally in the Mobiles (Android) or Apple Pay (iOS) apps, you can pay your smartphone or smartwatch worldwide in the future. The new service is not just offered.

After announcing Maestro end, the Sparkasse brings out a new function

The background to the innovation at the Sparkasse is this from Mastercard’s payment process. From the second half of 2023, the company plans to take its debit payment procedure in Europe off the market.

With the Maestro function, German current customers can withdraw money abroad or pay with the card. A Maestro competitor is Visa’s V-Pay system. As a rule, German bank cards are equipped with one of the two logos.

Sparkasse extends offer to millions of acceptance points in shops worldwide

With the expansion of the digital Sparkassen-Card around the Debit Mastercard, millions of customers remain smooth. The executive board of the German Sparkassen and Giro Association, Joachim Schmalzl, explains: The payment procedure Debit Mastercard is expanding the offer by millions of acceptance points in shops worldwide, in Internet shops and apps.

The communication of the German Sparkassen and Giro Association also states that the combination of Girocard and Debit Mastercard is a clear commitment to the popular Girocard payment method. It would be even easier and more convenient for customers to handle payments.

Sparkasse makes it possible worldwide-step was necessary

This step for the Sparkasse was probably necessary, because according to handelsblatt the payment card popular in Germany is under pressure. Because the Girocard is missing functions of other cards, for example the possibility to pay with it on the Internet.

Because other banks have also recognized this problem and the competition is growing through PayPal and Klarna on the Internet, more and more direct banks are replacing the Girocard with Visa or Mastercard’s debit cards.

Rubric list picture: © Sparkassenverband