Julian Nagelsmann can not miss the spectacle.
The Bayern coach visits the beach volleyball competitions of the European Championships in Munich on Friday evening-surprisingly in an enchanting accompaniment of his brand-new friend Lena Wurzenberger.

At the first public appearance, both beamed around the face.
Even the light drizzle can do the 2 spectacleing activities fans-until just recently, Lena was not spoiled for FC Bayern-The excellent mood.
At the beginning of June, Nagelsmann is claimed to have actually separated from his spouse Verena after 15 years with each other.
There has been no main verification so much.

The pair recognized each other from college days, has been married given that 2018 and also has 2 youngsters.
Now the 35-year-old delights in the time with his new girlfriend-and that is really public.
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