Mobius, a mysterious organization standing on Noah who has the power of Uroboros. They are the guilty guys who manipulate the world with shadows, where the Colony Administrative Officer gathers and controls the war. The symbols are the Mobius Ring, a symbol of the endless circulation, like the snake-chewed snake. The recycling mark is also a motif of the Mobius circle.

The Mobius ring is a half-twisted flat band with a front and back. It is important to note that the German mathematician August Ferdinant Mobius is discovered and named, and the word Mobius itself has no deep meaning. If you use a slender paper, you can make it immediately, but mathematically has a very deep nature. It’s a summer vacation period, so let’s do work with the intention of free research.

What to prepare is paper, tape, scissors, pencil (penetrated pen). The one with a clear side of the front and back is good, so the back side of the blank paper and the copied paper printed properly are affordable.

First, cut the paper into a slightly thicker band. It is easier to have a margin even if it is a little hard to bend.

Heat twist and ring, and fasten the edge with tape. That’s all there is to it. What happened with this is that the front and back of the paper are attached, and a ring is formed only on one continuous surface. In other words, there is no front and back. In terms of terms, it is called curved surface that cannot be turned.

As a trial, draw a straight line to the center of the ring with a pencil. When I continued while I was going, I came back to the starting point, but I was following both sides of the paper. Whether you had two laps or one lap, this is the mystery of the Mobius circle.

Next, let’s cut the middle part of the obi and separate it. Normally, it is divided into two, but the circle is twice as large as 1. Moreover, it was no longer a two-time twist, that is, the Mobius circle.

Next is a twist. This is not a Mobius ring because it has a front and back, but let’s cut it from the middle as well.

Once the twist was divided into two, but it was connected. Genji Pie…?

There are many other ways to cut and twist, and it changes to a surprisingly disappointing form. Since both sides can be used, it has been applied to the industrial aspect, and has succeeded in making a belt conveyor and electric resistor a circle of Mobius, and recently making a wheel of Mobius with a nano carbon.

Unlike the Mobius circle discovered in the modern era, the eternal symbol, Egypt, Greece, and the North-South America, have been used in various civilizations. The Nordic mythology Jormungardo is especially famous. One or two snakes bite the tail to make a circle, meaning swallow the tail in ancient Greek. The end and the beginning are one, and it can also indicate the lack of lack. In connection with the world’s elements of the Zeno series, Gnosticism and Eternal Return, it has many meanings as long as the Sage Stone, which is a complete substance in alchemy.

In relation to Xenoblade 3, it is probably circulation and unification of conflicting things. Life, death, creation and destruction, light and shadow, and incompatible people are two sides of the same coin and sublimate them completely. There may be alchemy images in which the two colonies who have been hostile overlap and activate Uroboros, mixed with substances with different properties.

Furthermore, the process up to that point seems to represent the concept of Gnosticism. Gnosticism is a sect who has the idea that the god of the Old Testament that created our world is a fake and releases the soul from the body by joining another true god. It is similar to the Buddhism’s concept of breaking out of the suffering of this world.

Noah and others are soldiers created by ether technology and have only 10 years of life. In accordance with the Creation Queen, you will spend a lifetime just to keep the enemy’s life. If this closed world is interpreted as a world of fake gods, touching Gernica and Uroboros will give wisdom and will be released from the fake world. The moment the Uroboros was activated, there was a description of their souls out of the body.

The snake, a Christian and a symbol of corruption, is a good entity in Gnothisism, on the contrary, giving wisdom against fake gods. And Alpha and Omega is also a Christian who has revived before his death. Noah and others become Uroboros = the one with the true god.

The Zeno series that has incorporated the concept of philosophy and religion. Gnosticism, which was also important in Saga, was boldly depicted this time. Where is the grand story going around God and people? Let’s see the ending of Blade.

Bonus: Yasunori Mitsuta/Eternal ring from KIRITE