One of the big problems that Riot Games faces is that League of Legends is not a single video game. It is clear that speaking in strict terms it is. However, all community members know that it is not the same to play your games in the lowest ranges than to do it in the highest area of the qualifying stairs. Neither the strategies nor the champions used are similar and there are characters that can adapt brilliantly to the game style of the most skilled users. It is something that has always happened, but that we have rarely seen as exaggerated as it is happening with Draven .

The champion who fear the best League of Legends players

Draven has always been considered one of the most difficult characters to play all League of Legends . The mechanics of collection of axes allows him to hit enemies stronger and load accumulations to redeem an excessive amount of gold the first time he gets a decline. With this extra income, the departure can be put behind. However, it is enough to make a half error for the rivals to end with him and prevent his passive from making effective. In this way, a champion who needs to get advantages to work is on the edge of the useless.

Most of The shooters work better at the highest skill levels since they all share very marked weaknesses: they are fragile and when a rival reaches their life expectancy, it is reduced to just two seconds. However, and even if they are united by this characteristic, there are few in which these generic features arrive with such an important benefit. In the case of Draven, getting a good survival rate means to do monstrous damage with each basic blow throughout the rest of the game.


The cocktail is already explosive, but to this we must add a couple of additional circumstances. The first is that Play without delivering easy casualties to the opponent depends above all on our good work . If we do not fail when choosing our position and prevent the waves from reaching the tower, it is practically impossible for the rivals to hunt us. In fact, one of the most marked characteristics of the Master, Grandmaster or Challenger games is the least number of deaths. Ultimately we must not forget the circumstances: Draven right now has quite high statistics.

The sum of everything we have said so far has given rise to a very curious situation for League of Legends players. Draven is one of the most prominent heroes in the ranges of Mayormmr . High-level players have real dread for him to the point that, if we only take into account the members of the Master community up, it has been banned in 56.9% of the games and has a victory rate stratospheric in diamond or more (53.2%). For establishing a comparison, in silver he receives vetoes in 14.4% of the clashes and does not win in half of the occasions he appears in the invoker’s crack.

The next League of Legends patch will shyly reduce the excessive power of Draven. However, it seems that this is one of those cases in which Riot Games wants to be more moderate . Although when the champions yield so differently in the different ranges of the game the developer usually acts quite aggressive, they do not seem afraid that the most egotist champion of the whole video game has its moment of glory at this point in the season. It will be necessary to see if in the following versions already pointing to the 2022 Worlds are still equally permissive.