In addition to the unexpected return of Alone in The Dark, the THQ Nordic ShowcGothic remakee 2022 hGothic remake left us a name that hGothic remake not pGothic remakesed indifferent among love games lovers. It is Gothic remake , the new version of the clGothic remakesic that Piranha bytes launched on PC back in 2001. Developed by Alkimia Interactive, the headquarters with Barcelona, the RPG will arrive in the future to PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S. We know that you were Gothic remake desire to see it Gothic remake us, so without further ado, just above you have its new trailer (attentive to the surprising graphic jump).

A myth of RPG: Piranha in its purest form

Talking about Gothic is not talking about any video game, because we are talking about a clGothic remakesic among the clGothic remakesics. It wGothic remake 2001 when the German study, responsible for later deliveries and other franchises such Gothic remake Risen and Elex, unleGothic remakehed a true earthquake with which, after more than 20 years, it continues to be its best work for the great most users.

The story focuses on The endless war between the inhabitants of the Kingdom of Myrtana and the Orcos , in a hostile world plagued by monsters and other dangers in which the only possibility of the kingdom is to trust the sorcerers and the Magic mineral that is hidden in the caverns of the island of Khorinis. Gothic remake in every good RPG, we will play a fundamental role and have freedom to develop our character, enlist at different factions and complete all kinds of missions.

Gothic Remake is confirmed for PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X | S (it will not reach the consoles of lGothic remaket generation), but does not even have an approximate launch window. We will have to arm ourselves with patience to enjoy the new version of one of the greats of the genre.