Tower of Fantasy-a game with the open world and elements of science fiction and fantasy. It is largely similar to Genshin Impact and includes familiar mechanics, such as gacha and weapons. This is in the form of a core, of which there is gold, black and red. This can make you ask about what to do with gold, black and red nuclei in Tower of Fantasy.

What do Gold, Black and Red Nucleus do in Tower of Fantasy?

The colored core in Tower of Fantasy is Gacha Mechanic in which you get characters , weapons and a limited event awards . The type and rarity of the character you receive are associated with the type of nucleus that you redeem. Each type of cores can be used in one quantity or groups of 10 pieces. After a certain amount of stretching, you are guaranteed the best reward with gold and red nuclei.

To use them, open the menu and go to a special order tab here you can switch between what the color of the kernel you want to use for tension. Red is specially attached to the events limited in time, so it is incredibly valuable.


How to get Black Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy

You can get Black Nucleus in different ways, which will make it beautiful. general. Here’s how to find Black Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy:

Chau-chau * (throw a water core there)
bitumen pit (use fire on it)
Dandelion (stems with three can give you one)
* supply blocks (not always)

How to get a golden core in Tower of Fantasy

You can get Gold Nucleus in different ways in Tower of Fantasy, but most often you will find them naturally while study . Here’s how to find a gold nucleus in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Golden capsules with supplies
  • Bosses
  • Achievements
  • Intra-game store (150 dark crystals)
  • Research glasses
  • Chau-chau

  • Puzzles

how to get a red nucleus in Tower of Fantasy

You can get the Red Nucleus in several ways in Tower of Fantasy. Each method requires purchase their intra-game currency or real money or a certain event awards . Here’s how to find Red Nucleus in Tower of Fantasy:

  • Buy for 150 dark crystals
  • Box with daily supplies
  • Gift Baskets
  • Developments

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