In the Nintendo Eshop, an exciting survival game sneaked into the top 6. The jungle adventure leaves hits like Minecraft and Luigi’s Mansion in the Switch charts-probably also because of the massive discount, because the game is currently available for less than 3 euros.

Thanks to a massive discount, the game Green Hell has settled in the bestselling charts of the Nintendo Switch. In the tricky open-world survival game you have to fight your survival in the Amazon rainforest **-and you can currently secure the game in the Nintendo eShop for only 2.49 euros-so you save at purchase 90 Percent.

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Green Hell: Survival hit becomes a bestseller

Green Hell puts your will to survive and your survial skills on the test. In the open world of the rainforest you have to defy many dangers such as fatal animals or infections . Poor nutrition, exhaustion and loneliness are also among the threats of the jungle. To protect yourself, you can craft and better accommodations as well as tools and weapons.

Usually the game at the Nintendo Switch costs 24.99 euros, but you can currently snap it for 2.49 euros -no wonder that the game ranks 6th on the bestseller charts.

Nintendo: Big names in the Switch charts

With Green brightly, a game that is rather unusual for the Nintendo console grabs the sixth place. Another dark survival experience can be found in 10th place- This War of Mine: Complete Edition . The depressing war simulation is even reduced by 95 percent and costs only 1.99 euros instead of 39.99 euros.

On the other hand, it is at the top of the Switch sales charts. Mario Strikers: Battle League Football and Nintendo Switch Sports Grab the two top positions, while the Legacy Edition lands 3rd place.

Is the OLED version of the Nintendo Switch worthwhile? We tested them for you in the video: