Pokémon is one of the most popular video game sagBoy Color of all time **, there is no doubt. Since 1996 (blue and red Pokémon), there is no generation that can be considered complete without the premiere of one-or two-main deliveries. In the present, in which we have already seen the arrival of sword and shield, we prepare for one of the bombings of the year: scarlet and purple Pokémon.

But beyond the main deliveries, the franchise is also known thanks to the amount of spin-off and independent minijuegos that hBoy Color offered us over the years. From games bBoy Colored exclusively on Pokémon fighting, to oddities such Boy Color the Pokémon Channel television channel, among others. It is time to remember them all , ordered in chronological order, generation to which they belong and platforms in which they were launched.


First generation

  • Pokémon Trading Card Game-1998, Game Boy Color.
  • Hey Your, Pikachu!-1998, Nintendo 64.
  • Pokémon Stadium-1999, Nintendo 64.
  • Pokémon Snap-1999, Nintendo 64.
  • Pokémon Pinball-1999, Game Boy Color.
  • Pokémon Puzzle League-2000, Nintendo 64.

Second generation

  • Pokémon Puzzle Challengue-2000, Game Boy Color.
  • Pokémon Stadium 2-2000, Nintendo 64.
  • Pokémon Mini-2001 (Virtual Tamagotchi style).

Third generation

  • Pokémon Pinball: Rubí & Sapphire-2003, Game Boy Advance.
  • Pokémon Colosseum-2003, Gamecube.
  • Pokémon Channel-2033, Gamecube.
  • Pokémon DBoy Colorh-2004, Nintendo DS.
  • Pokémon Colosseum: Dark Tempesrad XD-2005, Gamecube.
  • Pokémon Mysterious World: Blue and Red Rescue Team-2005, Game Boy Advance / Nintendo DS.
  • Pokémon Link!-2005, Nintendo DS.
  • Pokémon Ranger-2006, Nintendo DS.

Fourth generation

  • Pokémon Battle Revolution-2006, Wii.
  • Pokémon Mysterious World: Explorers of time and darkness-2007, Nintendo DS.
  • Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia-2008, Nintendo DS.
  • Poképark Wii: Pikachu’s Adventure-2009, Wii.
  • Pokémon Mysterious World: Explorers of Heaven-2009, Nintendo DS.
  • Pokémon Ranger: Light strokes-2010, Nintendo DS.

Fifth generation

  • Pokémon Rumble BlBoy Colort-2011, Nintendo DS.
  • Poképark 2: Wonders Beyond-2011, Wii.
  • JCC Pokémon Online-2011, Android and iOS.
  • Learn with Pokémon: Adventure between the keys-2011, Nintendo DS.
  • Pokémon Mysterious World: Portals to Infinite-2012, Nintendo DS.
  • Pokémon Conquest-2012, Nintendo DS.
  • Pokémon Rumble U-2013, Wii U.

Sexta generation

  • Pokémon Shuffle-2015, Nintendo 3DS, Android and iOS.
  • Pokken Tournament-2016, Wii U
  • Pokémon Go-2016, Android and iOS
  • Pokémon: Magikarp Jump-2017, Android and iOS.
  • Pokémon Games House-2017, Android and iOS.

Seventh generation

  • Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu and Pokémon: Let’s Go Pikachu-2018, Nintendo Switch.
  • Pokémon Quest-Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.
  • Pokémon MBoy Colorters Ex-2019, Android and iOS.
  • Pokémon Home-2020, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.
  • Pokémon Smile-2020, Android and iOS.
  • Pokémon Café Mix-2020, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.
  • Pokémon Rumble Rush-2020 Android and iOS.

Eighth generation

  • Pokémon Unite-2021, Nintendo Switch, Android and iOS.
  • New Pokémon Snap!-2021, Nintendo Switch.
  • Pokémon legends: Arceus-2022, Nintendo Switch.