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The producer of the next Fatal Fury shares the first details and suggests a new SNK vs Capcom for the future

Good times for lovers of fighting video games. This month we have witnessed news such video games the arrival of Rollback Netcode to Dragon Ball Fighterz, news about Street Fighter 6 and even the suspicion that Tekken 8 is in the plans of Bandai Namco. And now it touches the new installment of Fatal Fury , which hvideo games shared the first details, among which one stands out in special: the way for a player will be the great protagonist and Terry Bogard will not miss the party .

During the Gamescom 2022, Yvideo gamesuyuki Oda hvideo games attended the Twinfinite half, and although he affirms that it is a great relevideo gamese and that is why it will spend time until you can see more because they want to do the perfect things, he hvideo games not hesitated to make it clear that * The singleplayer mode will have more weight than the online multiplayer **, something that hvideo games not usually been so common in the genre for several years. We will have to wait to learn more details.

SNK vs Capcom resists falling into oblivion

For its part, it seems that the mythical franchise that faces the characters of The King of Fighters with those of Street Fighter hvideo games not said its lvideo gamest word , although almost 20 years have pvideo gamessed since its lvideo gamest main installment ( SNK vs Capcom: SVC Chaos for Arcade, PS2 and Xbox). It hvideo games been Yauyuki Oda himself, producer and designer of the series, who hvideo games video gamessured that is something we all want in the future , referring to a possible new game of the saga.

Although Oda also comments that there hvideo games been no talk in detail with anyone from Capcom in this regard, he hvideo games joked by stating that they will try to make it possible in 10 years, after being video gamesked ironically if we would have to wait two more decades. Finally, he hvideo games not hesitated to affirm that seeing a new installment is one of the most desired things in the community of fighting games.

Rather than 24.99 euros free of charge: Epic hands out Destiny-2

EPIC has the contribution pants-and Destiny-2 players are currently benefiting from this. Since they can safeguard a thing plan worth 24.99 euros in the store. The campaign runs this evening-so it’s haste!

EPIC offered away three decades Bungie bundle for Fate 2

Destiny 2 has actually now been behind 5 years, yet Epic Games individuals have actually only just recently had the ability to play the sci-fi shooter. Which is exactly what Epic Games wishes to commemorate and also as a result distributes the thirty years of bungie plan for all players. This includes the complying with items and rewards:
| brand-new dungeon suction of greed in cosmodrom | Unique Gjallarhorn with driver | hero of eternity, sword | Fabulous tools from Fate 1 | Shield in the design of Dorn | Unique Gjallarwing-Sparrow | Marathon-inspired armor | Streetwear-inspired shield

Destiny package at Epic dirt off

To protect the package, you just have to take a look at the Epic Games Store and include the package of your library (to the Epic Games Store). But favor to rush. The campaign just runs till August 30, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. .

_ Was every little thing is included in the item package, the main trailer shows you: _

a lot more complimentary content at Epic


Afterwards, an even larger cracker is waiting: Because from Thursday evening Epic in fact handed out Shadow of the Burial Place Raider in the conclusive edition .

And also that is exactly what Epic Games desires to commemorate and also for that reason offers away the 30 years of bungie bundle for all gamers. The project just runs till August 30, 2022 at 7:00 p.m. .

EPIC has the donation pants-and Destiny-2 gamers are currently profiting from this.

If you are currently traveling in the Epic Games Store anyhow, you need to not forget that there are also brand-new complimentary games every week. By September 1st, all gamers can still safeguard Ring of Discomfort , a style mix from Roguelike, card video game and also dungeon crawler.

The drawn away human impact anti-triche system to disperse ransomware

What concessions are we ready to accept to combat (efficiently) versus cheating? It is essentially the question increased by a recent publication of Trend Micro evoking the diversion, for destructive objectives, of devices designated as well as initially legitimate to fight against cheating.

Concretely, the writers of the record clarify that to combat against cheating, the customer of human impact incorporates a pilot who settles down to the very heart of the system of a computer (in the kernel, which guarantees little or Prou the interactions in between the hardware and also software components of the device). An operation regarded necessary as well as genuine to confirm that cheat software application does not operate in parallel with the video game itself. Nonetheless, it transforms out that a Malandrin clearly took care of to divert the use of this legitimate anti-triche software to get to the heart of computer systems where the pilot is set up, in order to bypass computer defenses (disable anti-virus) as well as mount ransomware there.

In other words, a helpful and also reputable pilot (which is below in the anti-trich functions of human impact, but which can be distributed through any type of other software) is made use of to produce an accessibility to the strides security causing the very heart of the computer. According to the writers of the research study, at this hour, no parade exists because the pilot just meets his function (legit and also non-malicious), however whose usage is after that diverted-it would certainly be needed to delete the very feature of the pilot, C ‘that is to state to quit combating rip off, to stay clear of the protection imperfection.

In a quick press launch transmitted to PC Gamers, which echoes the situation, the Hoyoverse team (the developer of Genshin Effect) is claimed to be extremely concerned by protection issues. The studio suggests working presently on the topic as well as wishes to discover an option as soon as feasible to guarantee the safety of gamers and also placed an end to this violent use the anti-triche. We bear in mind that Hoyoverse had already been encountered with a comparable concern when launching human impact: the anti-triche of the video game software was still functioning completely (whether the game was introduced or not), questioning concerning life respect denied of the gamers. The developer had then transformed his anti-triche software, so that he is interrupting when the video game is not introduced. The question rests today: what giving ins are we ready to accept to fight (efficiently) against unfaithful?

FPSs new work, Warhammer 40K: Dark Tide, starts on November 30, scheduled for release on November 30

Swiss indie game developer Pat Shark announced that it will release the FPS game PC version on November 30.

On August 24, he introduced Warhammer 40K: Dark Tide at Game Scom in Cologne, Germany.

The game company plans to conduct a series of technical tests and beta tests before launch to provide high-quality works to players. Players to participate in the test can be found on the homepage .


Warhammer 40K: Dark Tide is a four-member co-operative shooting game in the background of the Urban Tertium in the Atoma of the worldview. The player must be followers of heresy interrogation and cooperate with party members to conduct a mission to investigate the plague and corruption that prevailed in Tertium Hive.

It is a game that is receiving a lot of attention from the player, such as the top 10 steam steaming lists. This game not only enjoys melee combat based on its predecessor, Burnine Tide, as well as the pleasure of ranged FPS. In addition, the player can choose a variety of jobs and enjoy the voices of different characters, customization options, and special skills depending on the choice.

It is currently in advance on Steam, and you can make a reservation for the basic version (44,000 won) or the edition version (66,000 won).

New Torch Lights, Hack & Slash Specialist Influencer Tests

XD.INC (hereinafter referred to as XD) will conduct a test for domestic influencers (Focus Group) for its new action RPG ‘Torch Wright: Infinite’.

Torch Wright: Infinite is based on the ‘Torch Wright’ IP of Wanmi and Runic Games. 200 years after Torch Light 2, he joins one of the Torch Light Team members to leave an adventure to prevent disasters.

You can create a number of core talent unions in the talent system, which allows you to find a character and combat style that suits your taste. Among the themes and tags specified on 24 talent boards, tags present their growth direction. For example, multi-magic Arrow skill tags a projectile and magic, and if you find and learn about the projectile and magic on the talent board, the initial character construction is completed.

Subsequently, talent grows and develops with the characters. At the beginning, one of six basic talent boards will be selected to learn and earn basic talent points. When the second core talent is opened in the middle, the existing skills and attributes can be combined with some mechanisms with certain conditions. In the second half, if all six core talents are open, true choices and construction begin. In addition, it is possible to directly affect the skill effect, or to change the combat style through digging and modification.

In this test, we will invite an influencer for nuclear and slash. Subsequently, the global test will increase the completeness and release the news related to the game.


For more information, visit the Torch Wright: Infinite official website.

FC Bayern: De Ligt at FC Bayern in an unusual role

In the 1-1 in the top of the Bundesliga, instructor Julian Nagelsmann threw the durable Dutch in the 85th min as his last joker in order to somehow require the winning goal.

And the temporary demonstrator virtually also supplied. Gladbach’s Teufelskerl Yann Sommer parried his huge battery in included time. Nagelsmann’s emergency situation option in the era after Robert Lewandowski virtually got to.

It was rather uncommon: FC Bayern spent the considerable sum of 67 million euros for its new defense chief Matthijs de Ligt. And After That Juventus Turin’s newbie comes at his residence debut for the German football record champion as a facility ahead of the bank.

Nagelsmann: Matthijs extremely solid header

Thomas Müller mentioned a great step with de Ligt as a ram go at the front. She reminded the professional of FC Bayern with the Belgian protection of Daniel van Buyten earlier, who also took the top every now as well as then in the last minutes.

Gladbach has actually safeguarded exceptionally deeply, much deeper than in the last ten mins, the Munich instructor claimed: Matthijs is our header greatest gamer in the team. There are couple of strikers in Europe that are as strong as he is. We no much longer had strong gamers unemployed.

de Ligt: Have currently done that at Ajax

Gladbach has defended unbelievably deeply, much deeper than in the last 10 minutes, the Munich train said: Matthijs is our header best gamer in the team. De Ligt accepted the function, she was not an uniqueness for him. Keep it up, then we rack up a lot of goals, said Nagelsmann. With de Ligt, nevertheless, he prepares extra in the back.

more: The most effective network responses to FC Bayern vs. Gladbach

De Ligt approved the function, she was not a novelty for him. Yes, I utilized to do this at Ajax a couple of times in the last few mins, he said.

We had 35 shots on objective, he stated to the offensive power. Keep it up, then we score a lot of goals, stated Nagelsmann. With de Ligt, nevertheless, he intends more in the back.

Does the topic work in Steam Deck work? The 2nd Barrett Philias Dark Market NEEDY GIRL OVERDOSE

The mobile gaming PC STEAM DECK on sale from Valve. Two weeks after the start of the reservation, many people may have actually picked them up at Bitsummit before. However, can Steam Deck be able to play a topical work that is clearly compatible with stress without stress?

This series project answers such questions. At STEAM DECK, we will hit the spotlight every week from the latest topical works to past popular works, play on Steam Deck and review or review without problems. In the second edition, we deliver two Barrett Philan’s Dark Market and NEEDY GIRL OVERDOSE. How is the potential of the 2D work?

What is Barrett Philia’s Dark Market?

This work will be the 18.5th work of the barrage shooting Touhou Project Series, which is most of ZUN’s work production. (Works with decimal points are called Gaiden, and there are more than 20 actual works at this stage).

The player becomes a normal wizard, Marisa Kirisame living in Gensokyo, and goes to find out the cause of the development of the dark market. We will make full use of all abilities cards to solve the incident while making money. Of course, the flashy barrage is alive, even though it is GST. It is a game that allows you to play the pleasure of passing through the gaps of the dots in a short time.

The Steam Deck compatibility of this work is the status of currently investigating.

There is no help for the genre… but the battery has good

First, launch the game, the screen display setting screen will be opened. I selected and started Borderless Window Dot by Dot (Recommend) at the top. Even if you try to play and play other items, you have returned to the library screen, so it seems that other screen display settings are not possible at present.

And the game screen is actually displayed, but it is not displayed on the entire screen, but there is a blank space on the left and right. This work is a so-called vertical shooting genre, so the display of the screen is very different from a normal game, and because of that, it seems that Steam Deck has not been able to support it neatly.

Therefore, if you actually play it, you will need to be quite close. In the genre of barrage shooting, a tremendously narrow gap, which is directly linked to the failure of one dot operation. Therefore, it is necessary to look closely at the character that the character that you operate is opened, but due to the shrinking screen, it is displayed quite small even though it is a large LCD screen as a Steam Deck portable machine., My eyes are quite tired.

In addition, since the upper part of the character has been cut or the display space is not set well, some items cannot be read. There are quite a few fatal places, so if you can respond to the official DECK in the future, I would like you to improve it.

However, this work has a shorter play, so if you take a detailed eye break, it will not be a problem to play. In addition, there is no discomfort in the operation feeling, so it can be said that it is possible to avoid one dots.

Another good point is that the battery is about 35%in the default setting. You can play for about 3 hours, so you can go shopping anytime on the go.


This work is a multi-ending ADV that depicts a life with a strongly approved girl (transcendent Watasen-chan) aiming to be the strongest Internet angel (distributor). The unique air drawn in dot paintings, the most surprising mechanism and development, and the scenarios and characters that pierce people living in modern times are attracting topics while incorporating modern slang and Internet trendy material. It is a smash hit that is accepted not only in Japan but also all over the world, which has sold more than 500,000 unusual ADV games.

The Steam Deck compatibility of this work is the status of currently investigating as well as the Barrett Philan’s Dark Market.


Mouse + keyboard work is inevitable…

This work assumes operation with the basic mouse. Therefore, in Steam Deck, you can choose to operate with the mouse pad on the right or touch panel directly. However, it does not play on a large monitor, but to play with a small LCD (although it is bigger than ordinary portable game consoles), just clicking one item can be a light stress.

Mouse pads are quite responsive, so the mouse cursor often goes too much. Then you can touch it directly with the touch panel, but the place you want to touch and the actual game screen touched one finger are off, so it is completely useless. Since the operation on the left stick cannot be done by default, it is difficult to select the item you want to choose.

In addition, there is a scene in the game where characters are entered, but in that case, you have to put out the software keyboard and enter it. The keyboard itself will come out if you press the steam button+x at the same time, but if you do not know that, you will not be able to proceed in the first place, so if you recognize it as a text input location, the software keyboard automatically automatically the software keyboard. I wanted you to put it out.

In addition, this work is a place where some characters are cleared as well as Barrett Philia’s Dark Market, so I want you to fix that as well.

Other than that, it is possible to play the game without any problems. In particular, there was no place where the freeze or screen display was strange. Battery consumption is about 45%1 hour. In the case of the outer or pilgrimage to the sacred place, it is up to Pa to live with the best life with the best time to kill time.

2D’s work has a battery consumption.

I reviewed it in a row in a row. This time I played with a 2D work, but unlike the previous 3D work, it was impressive that the battery was quite good. Therefore, if you want to carry Steam Deck outside and play various games, you may want to choose a 2D work and play. Anyway, you can play with Steam Deck because of the 30,000 games that exist on Steam.

Bester Call of Duty Vanguard RA 225 Build

Call of Duty-Avantgarde is currently readily available for PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and also Series consoles and also PC. Warzone is also outdoors as well as can be played for totally free on the very same consoles.
| snout : mercury silencer| Fass : Moravec 18 needle.| Optik : Optional (preferably slate reflector).| share : urban tac.| Unterlauf : Mark VI skeletal system.| Journal :.45 ACP 32 shot magazines.| rear take care of : fabric handle.| ammo type : prolonged.| Competence : consistent.| package : completely filled.

You can likewise sprint about with the subdued mouth and shoot without totally exposing your placement. When it is integrated with even more publications so that you can assert on your own longer on the field of battle, it is astonishing.

SMGs in Call of Duty are typically the best way if you desire to eliminate and not camp quickly. With the RA 225, this unique construct can finally dethones for this SMG that in Call of Duty Vanguard

The following is a configuration that you ought to make use of to focus on the toughness of this SMG. It will take some time for you to obtain them, so you may want to make use of other SMGs to prepare.


This SMG currently has a barely noticeable recoil, so focus with this setup on providing this tool additional firepower, rate as well as ammunition at the expenditure of precision. However, the accuracy decrease should not play a duty since you can manage the recoil.

If you want to eliminate and not camp quickly, smgs in Call of Duty are generally the ideal method. We saw that some very leading like the MP-40 dominated for some time. With the RA 225, this special construct might ultimately dethones for this SMG that in Call of Duty Vanguard

Speaking of food: You can walk with the Scavenger perk and also be an overall nuisance for camper and the other group overall. If you can achieve quickly eliminates and also fill up your ammunition, you can attain this 25-kill series a lot earlier and accomplish a straightforward triumph!

The following is a configuration that you must make use of to concentrate on the toughness of this SMG. It will take some time for you to obtain them, so you may desire to utilize other SMGs to prepare.

Best RA 225-Build for Call of Duty Vanguard.

[Todays Steam] Hogwarts Legacy started recruiting students in magic school

Hogwarts Magic School in the Harry Potter worldview receives admission. ‘Hogwart Legacy’, which is scheduled to be released in 2023, started to make a reservation for Steam, ranking fourth in the world’s highest sales chart.

Hogwarts Legacy is an open world RPG set against Hogwarts Magic School in the Harry Potter series. The background of the times is the 1800s, before the film and the novel, and the player becomes a fifth-year student who entered Hogwarts late, so you can take various classes such as magic, herbs, and dark magic defense. In addition to class, you can learn new magic or listen to hidden stories. In particular, it was known that the fall route, which learns the magic of darkness according to Gamescom 2022, is known.

Prior to the reservation, the deluxe edition and the collector edition were unveiled. The Deluxe Edition includes the main game, dark magic costumes, and a cherry. The Collectors Edition consists of a steel case, a real-size wand and a magical stand-shaped stand, including Deluxe Edition. You can meet the game three days before purchasing both editions, and all reservation buyers, including the general edition, can receive Hippogrif.


Hogwad Legacy will be released on February 10, next year, and you can make a reservation for a general edition of 68,800 won and the Deluxe Edition for 80,000 won.

Meanwhile, the game with a weekend discount was also in the rankings. Sekiro, who had a 50% discount, ranked second, and Call of Duty: Black Ops 3, which is 67% off, was ranked 7th.

In the top 20 of the day, the number of simultaneous users of the Apex Legend has been stable for more than 2 weeks, showing stable third place, and Destiny Guardians is 13,284 highs, about 30,000 compared to the previous day. It decreased by about 8th place.

Com2 Bus, which will be held in 2024, will be sold from next year.

When Methabus emerged as a global trend beyond the game world, it was Com2uS, which was beaten by this market as soon as possible. The company announced the meta bus platform called Com2 Bus early and began development. Even when interest in Methus was somewhat faded, Com2us continued to recruit cooperative partner companies and focused on creating a proper metabus platform.

On the 25th, Com2 Bus held Media Day at the Conrad Hotel in Yeouido and unveiled the business and development roadmap of Com2 Bus. It’s been a year since the Prototype video of Com2 Bus was released. At the event, CEO Song Jae-jun, CEO of Com2u bus, CEO Lee Kyung-il, CEO of Com2 Bus, and Hong Seung-jun, head of the Development Division, were able to listen to the future, development and future plans of Meta Bus.

Com2us defined methus is the Internet of the new era

Com2 bus first started this event by revealing the meta buses defined by themselves. Song Jae-joon, CEO of Com2us, said, It is Methus that has moved everything that can be done on the Internet to the open world virtual world. Furthermore, Com2us has a technology that can accommodate numerous people at the same time in three-dimensional virtual space, a value chain that can provide various contents, and a technology to realize decentralization. I showed it.

Since then, CEO Lee Kyung-il, CEO of Com2 Bus, appeared to explain the goal of Com2 Bus. Com2 Bus is aimed to allow you to arrange and enjoy the information and content provided in the form of 2D in the web browsing in four dimensions in the virtual reality of methus. CEO Lee Kyung-il referred to this as ‘meta browsing’ and predicted that it would be the next era. Com2 bus is an open ecosystem infrastructure that is free from participants to build space and provide content and services, he said.

Start from Ireland of about 3,200 soccer fields

Since then, Hong Seung-jun, head of the Com2 Bus Development Division, explained how to implement Com2 Bus. Com2 buses will consist of nine Ireland. Originally, the Ireland was scheduled to be divided into office, content, and services according to the purpose, but it was changed to enter one Ireland in the development process. One Ireland consists of 900 blocks, and one block is shaped by 100 cells. For reference, one Ireland is about 3,200 football fields.

In one Ireland, large-scale number of employees, which exceed thousands of units, can be connected. Com2 Bus has named it ‘Space Scaling’ and is currently preparing for a patent application. In addition, users can travel around Ireland using their avatars, modeled after their faces to add a sense of reality. This avatar is combined with AI technology that reads and reflects the user’s expression, so it is possible to communicate nonverbal.

Com2 Bus is designed by dividing it into a private area, which is open to all users and a space used by companies. In the public area, people can freely bus, personal broadcasts, and open exhibitions, festivals, and performances. Com2 Bus plans to provide various technologies such as Howling, noise, background removal technology, and special effects to provide this environment.

In the private area, the person who has been sold the space can raise the building and decorate the space. As it is a virtual reality, the use of space can be reduced or expanded to the fullest in the given volume. For example, on the fifth floor, you can create an office that can be used by all employees of the company, and only one small boss room on the 6th floor. In addition, as it is a space provided through the sale, price fluctuations depend on the market economy, just like real estate, and it is possible to buy and sell.

For reference, Com2 bus’s key currency is a native coin used by Com2u’s Web 3.0 Mainnet XPLA (Expla), but it also offers a variety of payment methods such as cash and credit cards for the convenience of users.

Commercialization since 2024

Com2 Bus will join the new partner KT, in addition to Hana Financial Group, SK Networks, Teachers Group, Kyobo Bookstore, Hanmi Healthcare, Brand Exor will, My Music Tast, Youngsil Up, Dr. Now, and Put Tech. It was first released. Although it is not known in detail how to cooperate, it is a strategy to promote various cooperation businesses in connection with metabuses of KT, a leading ICT leader.

Com2 Bus will build an office and convention center with the basic platform by the first quarter of next year. In particular, we will complete the conference hall at the request of many companies. Later, in the third quarter, major partners will be built, and in the first quarter of 2024, the company plans to open a service for general users and small businesses. To put it simply, the office function will be operated from the first quarter of next year, and in the first quarter of next year, ordinary users can stop by the comu bus and enjoy various contents. As a result, the land sale will begin next year, and if the system is stable, citizens will also be granted to users.

Meanwhile, at the end of Media Day, Professor Hyun-Joon Yoo, Professor of Architecture University, Hongik University, known as the best expert in the construction of domestic urban construction, appeared in the video. Professor Yoo Hyun-joon will join the COM2 bus (Chief Creative Officer). Through the video message, I am happy to be able to share my thoughts and experiences with the comu buses. I want to create an ideal city without reality constraints.

The following is a professional question and answer.

Q. According to the roadmap, 2024 is scheduled to commercialize Com2 Bus. Meta’s Mark Zuckerberg said it would take five to ten years to commercialize the Metalsers. Is 2024 completion of Com2 Bus or Start?

Hong Seung-jun, Director of Comu Bus Development Division (hereinafter referred to as Hong): The definition and expectation of the meta buses you see is different. The word for 5 to 10 years includes the speed and spread of the network. Com2 buses will be able to create infrastructure and shorten time because partners and general citizens will build content.

CEO Lee Kyung-il, CEO of Com2 Bus (hereinafter referred to as Lee): Meors Buses have a big difference between each company. Com2 buses are open meta buses, so I think they can be filled with many people.

Q. Professor Yoo Hyun-joon was recruited as CCO. What role will he play in Com2 bus?

Lee: There was a lot of concerns about how to combine the reality and the virtual world in the development of methuses. In building and urban planning, the game company needed expertise that the game company did not have. If Professor Yoo Hyun-joon is with me, I thought that I could make better things by combining the experience of reality and the virtual experience.

Q. Where is the service?

Hong: Starting platform is a Windows PC. It will expand to Mac OS or mobile in the future. The user is expected to use it for its own device.

Q. Are you discussing collaboration with overseas companies?

Lee: will be conducted for overseas companies next year. It has already begun discussion.

Q. Can you know the land sale method in detail?

Lee: We are planning to sell from next year. The first Ireland is likely to be a space used by domestic companies. Of the 90,000 cells, some parts will be a public space for the community revitalization, and the rest will be sold. Land prices will be supplied to the market first at a fixed price, and NFT will be issued at the same time. Subsequent markets are expected to be formed separately.

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