In the background of the head of Live A Live there are craft mechanics. Players can visit Caveman Crafter to combine objects in powerful equipment and weapons. This is a useful additional moment in the chapter, and it can really be useful.


What objects is best to create in the background of the head of Live A Live?

Players can find the best items for the manufacture of Person and Gori, listed below. In order to avoid spoilers, only these two characters will be listed. To obtain more detailed information about the subjects that you can create, players can visit this guide .


laughing mask * (headdress)-dried skins + animal horn or fang of the beast
Quick spear (main weapon)-stone knife + stick or bone
Armor of a wild heart (part of the body)-dried skins + stone knife
* rude groups (foot-rush)-animal horn + hard rock


Cathedral of animal leather * (headdress)-bone + skin
SHOCHA (a piece of body)-the main item for craft. Gori cannot wear anything else.
rude groups (foot-rush)-animal horn + hard rock

How do you work in the background of the head of Live A Live?

To create objects in the head of the backstory in Live A Live, players need to find cave artisan . He is located in the lower left room in the Bolshoi Corridor near the beginning of the chapter. Players need to leave the starting room and go left. This will lead them to a large room depicted above. Following the red arrow marked in the image above, the players will lead to Crafter.

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