Project Slayers-Roblox style game based on anime. Nubiyz demons. In Project Slayers, you can study the demon fighter as a person, or you can become a demon and track down fighters. Like the killer’s breathing style, Demon Arts includes a unique mechanics, which allows players to perceive the game in their own way. Here is our rating of the best skills of demons.

list of Demon Arts levels in Project Slayers


Our choice for the S-URIT: The art of a blood explosion . This demonic art can be used to crush its enemies by ruthless blows and destruction. Blood Explosion Art has one of the most powerful abilities in the game: Explosive Landmines.

This attack throws mines in a circular radius that can be blown up by using the ability. This move brutalized both in PVP and in PVE battles and it is difficult to escape on time. The art of a blood explosion is an aggressive art of a demon, which allows you to absorb your enemies with chaos of terrestrial mines and quick blows.



Our choice for A-Tier: Reaper Art . This demonic art is ideal for pursue its opponents and evade their attacks . Thanks to the abundance of jerks, Reaper Art can be used to disorient enemies and strike them when they least expect this. It is more optimized for PVP, although it can be used to quickly care in PVE battles.

The art of the reaper has one of the most unique movements in any art of the demon: Sonido. This technique makes you invisible for a short time, creating quick effects similar to the Slashher from the Demons _nubi. You can change the situation during this ability, confusing your enemies in the process. Reaper Art Demonic art, depending on speed This allows you to find enemies by surprise with hidden attacks.


Our choice for level b: Tamari Ball art . This demonic art is ideal for the destruction of blocks , due to stunning three moves that can block the gap. Although attacks require accurate aiming, they are deadly if they get into the target.

The biggest advantage of Tamari Ball Art is its four hands ability. With the help of this ability, the player has four additional hands that have their own exclusive abilities and combinations. This demonic art is effective in PVE, but it can also be used in PVP if you are sure of your ability to aim. Tamari Ball Art Purposeful demonic art which allows you to break through the enemy’s defense and nullify their blocks.


Our choice for C-Tier: arrow art . Although this demonic art has clear visual effects, it lacks the potential for damage compared to other demonic arts. Each of the Arrow Art attacks is based on aiming. Requirements to be useful at all.

The only movement highlights Arrow Art is Arrow Flight, which allows you to fly for a short time. Although this ability is funny, it practically does not give combat potential. This demonic art is moderately effective in Pve , but it is useless in PVP. Arrow Art is Demon Art, completely dependent on aiming, which is mostly desirable because of its mobility.

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