Tower of Fantasy , the A-RPG that seeks to face Genshin Impact this summer is in the middle of pre-registration period. But what interests us today is the combat system that was presented in a trailer.

A battle system full of action for Tower of Fantasy?

If you are here and you don’t know Tower of Fantasy, this is a game that has many similarities with Genshin Impact, since it allows you to embody a character that will be the protagonist. But it also has an invocation system that will allow you to obtain new heroes with which you can explore the world or participate in fighting.

Speaking of combat, let’s take a look at what the game has reserved us in this matter. Like everything A-RPG, you canmove freely with the possibility of chaining basic blows, but also skills. * The particularity of Tower of Fantasy lies in the use of weapons.

  • General attack
  • Dodge
  • Specific ability
  • Combination

In addition, there are well-known specificities of certain games that are present as the different shields, the management of the elements, but also the combined attacks. Here are the details about each of these specificities.

Combined attack *: When the objective of an attack is completely loaded, changing weapons can trigger a combined attack.
Ghost time : Dodge the blow before the monster hit you to activate the ghost time and increase the power of your weapon. Changing weapon triggers a combined attack.
Elementary resistance : Monsters have unique weak points. Activate the correct elementary attack to cause them more damage.
Shield without attributes *: This shield does not resist the elements and has no elementary damage reduction effect. Recommended to use with weapons that point to the weak points of the monsters.
Physical shield *: It is significantly less likely that the physical shield will break with physical weapons when the shield is broken. Elementary weapons can exploit their weak points.

What types of weapons exist in Tower of Fantasy?

Now that you have been able to see a little how the combat system and weapons worked, we will see the different weapons available because although the trailer shows us some, there are others that we have grouped for you. To have a better vision of what awaits you.

  • Chakram
  • Scepter
  • Cube
  • Rifle/gun
  • Bow
  • Hammer
  • Spear
  • Shield and ax
  • Dagas
  • Claymore or sword fish
  • Sword

You should also know that there are three roles in which weapons are distributed. The first is the role of attacker or DPS, the second the tank and healer. In addition to that, you should know that there are four types of damage.


  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Flash of lightning
  • Physical

Of course, weapons will be classified by rarity ranging from R to the SSR, but while you wait to discover all this, you can always pre-register if you have not yet done so.