Ghosts are common enemies that look like small floating lamps. They can be extremely annoying in combat due to their elemental resistance and floating nature, which can make it difficult to land hits, especially when using slower skills. However, they drop important materials used to Ascend characters and weapons.

Here’s everything you need to know about Genshin Impact ghosts: where to find them, what they drop, and how to defeat them.

All Specter locations in Genshin Impact

Head to the areas marked with the Ghost icon to find the enemies. Some ghosts will only spawn as soon as you get close to their location so looking for them from afar is not a reliable way to find them.

Watatsumi Island

Seirai Island

Tsurumi Island


Three loci

The image above shows the location of the Wraiths at all three Loci in Enkanomiya, in that order: Yachimatahiko Locus, Yachimatahime Locus, and Kunado Locus.

Serpent Guts and Temple of Eternal Night

On the left are the Ghosts in the Serpent Guts, and on the right are the Ghosts in the Temple of Eternal Night.

What do the Ghosts drop in Genshin Impact?

Ghosts drop the following character and weapon materials:

  • Spectral Shell-Dropped by Ghosts level 1+
  • Spectral Heart-Dropped by level 40+ Ghosts
  • Spectral Core-Dropped by level 60+ Ghosts

Ghost levels are determined by your World Level. You must be World Level 6 or higher to always encounter level 60+ ghosts, allowing you to farm their highest level drops.

If you’re struggling to farm Spectral Heart or Nucleus, you can use the Workbench in any city to convert lower tier materials to higher tier materials. Alternatively, Paymon Deals also delivers spectral materials on a monthly basis.

Ghost types in Genshin Impact

Six types of Ghosts can be found in Teyvat and Encanomia:

  • Anemo Specter-Found on Seirai Island and Watatsumi Island.
  • Cryo Spectrum-Found in Encanomia
  • Electro Spectrum-Found in Encanomia
  • Geo Spectrum-Found on Seirai Island and Watatsumi Island.
  • Hydro Spectrum-Found on Seirai Island and Watatsumi Island.
  • Pyro Specter-Found in Encanomia

All Ghosts drop the same materials, so you don’t have to look for a specific item to farm. When fighting Specters, it’s highly recommended not to bring a single-element team (such as a full Geo team) with you, as these pesky creatures don’t take damage from spells of the same element as they do. For example, Hydro Specter will take damage from all elements except Hydro.

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