A few weeks have passed since the installation of a large High Isle update for Mmorpg The Elder Scrolls Online. The time has come for Zenimax Online to tell about the next DLC, which will continue the storyline of Legacy of the Bretons.

The update is called The Lost Depths, and it will give the players two new dungeons designed to pass in groups of four people-Earth Root Enclave and Graven Deep.

In tandem with Lost DepHs, update 35 is released-a new patch for the basic game. It includes changes in balance, corrections and new functions, including changes in the combat system, the introduction of additional mini-events for the battlefields (for example, the weekend that give additional glasses of the alliance), as well as significant improvements in gaining experience in PVP in general. Read all the details here.


DLC will enter the PC on August 22. And the consoles will receive it on September 6.