If you think you paid too much for your PS5 or Xbox Series console, you are not alone since a mystery purchase exercise by Marmalade Game Studio in the United Kingdom, reveals that on June 22, the main British retailers John Lewis, Currys, Argos, Smyths Superstore and Asda were all breaking up (online) for the PlayStation 5 game console. However, he found that the game console was available on Amazon and eBay electronic commercial platforms by reseller up to £ 850.00, i.e. 70% more than the recommended selling price of £ 499.99.


Some game consoles such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series may be difficult to find due to a well-documented shortage of semiconductors born from the pandemic. When delivered to retail points of sale, many are bought en masse by scalpers, which then resell them at very inflated prices. Scalpers are people who use bots, who are computer software that can scan the internet much faster than a person when certain articles such as game consoles are in stock. They then buy them and sell them at swollen prices.

The search for Marmalade Game Studio reveals that among people who have paid more than the recommended sale price for their game console in the last two years-2.24 million people-49 % say they have paid at least 20 % In addition and 7 % say they have paid more than 50 % more.

Marmalade Game Studio is known for his game Destiny (The Game of Life) available on the PS Store.