The formula 1 has reborn this year with an immense number of spectators and, therefore, many will undertake the adventure of trying the renewed game that has prepared with CodeMasters of the sport that is most fashionable in The present. There are many who want Fatherar with Fernando Alonso and win the World Cup more than 7 times in a row to alleviate the damage that Alpine is causing with the plan, while others want champion with much more novice pilots like Zhou or tsunoda.

Thus, the giant Californian company has just shown its audience the average of all competitors of this new game that will arrive on July 1. Apparently, CodeMasters has changed the algorithm , so that statistics are more representative in the current form of the pilot and depend less on his legacy. To this is added the help of several experts in Formula 1 such as Anthony Davidson or David Croft to look beyond pure data and separate the man from the machine. The launch day classifications are collected until the last Monaco Grand Prix this year, so it will be a fairly updated list.

The classifications are divided into four categories along with a general score, which are the following:

Experience *: It is based on the number of races that a pilot has played throughout his career
Skill at the wheel: The pilot’s ability to break through the platoon and end up in a position higher than the output grid
Reflexes: The shortest permanence time in the Commissioner Room will help pilots in this regard. The punishments of the real world will affect the score in this category
* Rhythm: benefits those who approach faster classification and career times. It is also taken into account that a pilot exceeds his teammate

* General rating: The combination of the four previous qualifications. This general classification will rise and fall throughout the season based on performance

As you can see in the classification, the Spaniards cannot complain about their average. Alonso, with an average of 89 , is the sixth best pilot in the game while Carlos Sainz Jr is below, specifically in the ninth global position. In the podium , as expected, we have Verstappen, Hamilton and Leclerc , two pilots fighting to win the championship and one that is not at its best after having won several titles in a way consecutive and make history in sport.

We see that, among the worst classified, we find Zhou or Michael Schumacher , which in career mode can be good choices to climb little by little and make history with them because of their enormous potential.