Naraka: BladePoint has several in-game currencies: Tae, Gold and Spectral Silk. You can use the in-game currency to buy various cosmetics, skins or accessories for your character and weapons.

However, not all cosmetics can be bought for one currency, since different items are bought for different currencies. TE is mainly used to purchase blue-level accessories/cosmetics, while gold is used to buy rare items.

In this leadership, we will consider everything regarding the Spectral Silk currency, which is mainly used to buy cosmetics for your weapons and character. Do not forget that in Naraka: BladePoint there are some cosmetic objects that can only be bought for Spectral Silk, which makes them quite valuable.

How to get Spectral Silk at Naraka: BladePoint

There are several ways to get Spectral Silk at Naraka: BladePoint.

Combat pass

One way to easily get Spectral Silk is to go through a combat pass. The game has two versions of a military pass; Free version and paid/expanded version.

You can get several Spectral Silks from the free version of Battle Pass at certain levels, but you can get much more through a paid version.

The free version of the Battle Pass ends at 100, and the expanded-to the level of 105. In addition, the expanded version of the military pass also rewards you with 200-fold ghostly silk at each level after the 100th, which in total gives 1000 times more ghostly silk.

Bags with phantom threads

Bags with phantom threads can be purchased at the store. At the moment, this is perhaps the fastest way to get Spectral Silk in the game.

At the moment, you can buy in a store up to 99 Phantom Thread Bags packages. Later you can sell your bags with phantom threads for 100x ghostly silk each.


Each of these bags costs about 2 times more combat coins, but you can earn combat coins, playing in the mode of survival.