The festival of the Almighty Ara Ata of the Great and Glorious Dramlong is the rhythm-game Genshin Impact, which runs from from June 13, 2022 to July 4, 2022 . During the event, you can enjoy the family with ready-made bits cards, as well as your own bits cards created by you and other players. All the players of the adventure rank 30 and above, who completed the Rito escape plan Part of the Archont quest Chapter II: Act I-the Storn God and the Eternal Evfimia have the right to participate.

how to unlock the event

Having fulfilled the requirements, initiate the event by going into the events of the events and choosing the great and glorious festival of the dramalus of the omnipotent arataki. Click accept the invitation Read the letter ITTO, then select collapse to start the quest of the event. Follow the dialogue until you meet the Arastii gang on the island of Amakan Island to start playing bats.

How to make a base card of bits in the event Rhythm-game of the Arataki gang

The Genshin Impact bite card editor allows you to create your own musical accompaniment variations limited by the songs used in the event. Start by clicking edit the Bitov card under the preferred song to open the editor of the bits. You can use two settings: basic and extended. In this leadership, we will conduct you through the main features of editing .

how to place notes on a bitmap

Click on playback button in the upper part of the screen to start playing music. Then, Press the buttons on the tap zone to enter the notes into the score. This is very similar to how you yourself play the rhythm game, except that this time all the buttons that you press and hold will be implemented in your user bit card. You can edit speed music in the upper right corner to help you place notes on the corresponding bits.

One of the disadvantages of the basic editing function is that you have little control over the placement of notes. If you accidentally click on the button, you can cancel on the left panel, but the music will continue to play until you pause manually. If you need more control over the placement of notes, we recommend using the expanded editing menu.

How to check your Bitov card

Click on Test button in the upper left corner of the screen to start playing the bits card. This will help you evaluate how players will perceive your work. You can test the bits card even during its implementation, but only the notes that you placed will be displayed.

How to save, import and share your bit card

Go to menu in the upper left corner of the screen and select save from the opening list to open the record list. You can simultaneously own two notes (your own bits cards). Do not forget to click save or rewrite. In one of the recording slots in order to save your work, otherwise you will lose it after the release! Keep in mind that the rewriting of the old record will lead to the disappearance of the source file.

You can save work in progress and continue work on it again. To open the current work, click the Import button in the opening list and select your entry.

Meanwhile, you can share your own bits with others. Go to the list of records from the Save drop-down list and click share . Genshin Impact creates General code which others can use to play your work. However, you need to achieve discount (any level of complexity) in the song of the event in order to get access code.

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