[Metabus Entertainment Moon Young-soo] Netmarble (CEO Kwon Young-sik, Do Ki-wook) announced on the 13th that the digital human ‘Lina’ developed by Metabus Entertainment was selected as a digital pictorial model of the fashion magazine Nylon Korea.

Metavus Entertainment is a subsidiary of Netmarble F & C (CEO Seo Woo-won), and is producing and service-related content-related contents such as virtual reality (VR) platform development and virtual idol management.

Lina is a digital human who aims to be a complex personality with her personality, talent, and various narratives. Currently, Lina is active on SNS channels such as Instagram and Tic Talk, and in March, he signed an exclusive contract with entertainment company Subrime.

Lina’s pictorial was published on Nylon Korea’s Instagram with a short interview with Lina’s short interview.


In her interview, she said she said, I’m curious and I’m trying to challenge various things. Suddenly I started SNS because I wanted to inform people of my existence.

Lina’s digital pictorial is her first official step since the Sublame, and will be a variety of external activities.

Lina plans to show a variety of meta-bus content in the game that she serves in Netmarble as a character in Netmarble, as well as in Metavus Entertainment and Kakao Entertainment (CEO Kim Sung-soo, Lee Jin-soo).