The board consisted of Christian Heidel, Alexander Jobst, Peter Peters and also Jochen Schneider. In 2020 the board included Jobst, Peters, Schneider and also Christina Rühl-Hamers.


Previously, a participant had asked for the non-relief on the stage as well as suggested to examine whether former board members can directly be held responsible for errors.

The board members as well as supervisory boards of these two fiscal years were not relieved at the basic setting up at the relevant votes.

In the further program of the event, 2 participants of the managerial board were elected on Sunday. Johannes Struckmeier as well as Rolf Haselhorst dominated versus Martin Engel and also Meinolf Weidenbach.

The board in charge of 2021 with Rühl-Hamers, Schneider, Jobst and also Peter Knäbel was soothed. 4338 members were officially existing in the Veltins Field, 4238 of which were entitled to elect. Not every person concurred.

Several members of FC Schalke 04 have actually clearly expressed their displeasure with the work of the board members as well as the club’s supervisory boards in 2019 as well as 2020.