Nexon (CEO Lee Jung-heon) will begin recruiting participants in the Dungeon & Fighter Mobile League (DFML) Free Season ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile League (DFML) Free Season’ in ‘Dungeon & Fighter Mobile’ I revealed it.

Dungeon & Fighter Mobile - RPG CBT Gameplay (Android/IOS)

‘DFML Free Season’ is an event competition held before the launch of Dun Famobile, and will be held at V.SPACE in Jung-gu, Seoul on June 19. It consists of ‘1: 1 adventurer Daejeon’ and ‘3: 3 Streamer Daejeon’ to provide various contents for users to participate and enjoy.

‘1: 1 Adventure Daejeon’ is a solo exhibition in the duel, and will be held in the form of a round of 16 in the third edition. If you are a user of Dunpamo, you can participate as your own character, and you can select at least one or up to three jobs as an entry.

‘3: 3 Streamer Colonial War’ can be participated in a team, including one streamer, and will be held in the quarter-final tournament format. You can organize the team with three different executives, and win the final victory if you first wiped out all the opposing teams.

Nexon recruits participants of the DFML Free Season from May 27 to June 5 on the official Dunpamo-Mobile homepage and will announce the qualifiers on June 15. The finals and finals will be broadcast live on June 19 through the official YouTube channel.

The prize money is 100 million won, and the final winner of the 1: 1 Adventure Daejeon will receive a prize of 20 million won and 5 million years old in the game. In addition, the winning team of the 3: 3 Streamer Daejeon will be paid 21 million won and 6 million years old.

‘DFML Free Season’ schedule and detailed information can be found on the official website.