Raft: This offers “The Second Chapter”

The real story mode of raft began with the first chapter. The content was well received and made you want more. Accordingly, the second chapter ties in there. It is part of Update 12, which was published on Steam on October 8, 2020.

  • In the course of the story adventure, there are new locations to explore (and master), including Tangaroa and with Caravan Town even a real city.
  • Robots and aggressive pigs came into play as new opponents.

  • There were also new mechanics like the Zipline.
  • There are now additional options on board: batteries can be charged, irrigation systems can be automated.

The Raft Survival Storyline - Chapter 2
* With the metal detector you can search for treasures.

For raft players who had lost motivation over time, “The Second Chapter” has a good reason to start the game again. The third chapter has long been in the works, but not yet published in mid-2022 and there has been no official date.