When it comes to a video game, an eternal question arises: is it possible to stroke the dog? Until the 17th season Destiny 2, the answer to this question would be disappointing. Fortunately, Season of the Haunted blessed the game with an emotion with a dog companion. Now you can stroke the dog in Destiny 2 if you have an exotic emotion “True Companion”.

How to get an exotic emotion “Faithful companion”

The exotic emotion “Faithful companion” is available only in the Evevers store where it can be purchased for 1000 silver or 9.99 US dollars. **. Unfortunately, this emotion requires silver, not bright dust, but this is a very small price for the opportunity to give the long-awaited patting of a good boy.

There is also a very respectable reason why this emotion can never be bought for bright dust. It will remain paid cosmetics as it is. Charity object . This means that 100 percent of the income from emotions will be donated to Banggi Foundation as the COZMO community manager confirmed. This means that for only 1000 silver you will donate $ 9.99 for charity, and also get the dog as an additional award.

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We like to see all the funny creative emotions that Bungie invents for Destiny 2, but when this emotion also benefits charity, there is nothing better.

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