The latest trailers of the Korean Soul Lake Game have been released.

The trailer of , which is being developed by the domestic developer ‘Project Cloud Games’, was created to commemorate the B2B booth of ‘2022 Play Expo’, which was held from 12 to 15. Park In -hyuk, CEO of Project Cloud Games, said he participated in the event to find and talk about the publisher.

Currently, Project Relic has completed about 20% of development, and has been delayed since 2023 to 2024 under internal decisions since the last interview. The trailer said it was produced to show the story, exploration and battle that aims at.

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For example, through exploration, it collects various information and stories, and targets the boss’s weaknesses and special gimmicks. In this trailer, a scene of causing a big damage to the boss’s attack was induced by a bomb with a bomb.

If you want to know more about Project Relic, please refer to the last interview article.

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