‘Pig Romance’ had a aura that could not be easily overlooked among the games that participated in the Play Expo. It’s not because of the high quality graphics, it’s not a gorgeous visual.

If you only see the title of the game, it’s easy to think of it as a love story of a pig. You may think of a pig that the pigs appear as the main character. However, when you play the game, the word romance is dare to mention the awkward B -class Gore sensibility. No, maybe a twisted love? Real pig love? You can pack it with that feeling.

The first reason the game caught the eye is because of its unique settings. The main background of the game is a factory that raises pigs to make sausages, and pigs raised here eat sausages. In other words, pigs with plump flesh are processed as sausages, and some are sold and some are used as feeds for pigs.

Even the pigs’ bodies show a cutting line to be easily processed by parts, and the scenes of slaughtering during the game are shown. But I felt less cruel or rejection than I thought. Even if you look at the settings, it’s terrible.

This is because manga -like graphics give a pleasant feeling through the reality and background, different pigs, human designs, and backgrounds. As I watched Tom and Jerry, I could feel that I made it possible to accept this setting naturally, just as I just smiled rather than a cruel and harsh feeling.

Gameplay is played in a platformer format with puzzles. The player has to go to the sausage factory to find each part of the Pokkleet (sow), which has been slaughtered by manipulating the minutelet (boar). The map design, which takes advantage of the sausage factory, is dominated by bloody devices such as flames soaring pipes and decomposition saw blades.

The existing demo version, which can be enjoyed on Steam, showed how to adjust the difficulty level by limiting the time when the factory staff could chase and solve the puzzles from behind. In the situation of being chased, even an easy puzzle could be difficult because of the urgent situation, so it was usually confirmed that it was composed of a relatively simple way of it.

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On the other hand, the unopened stage, which was first unveiled at the Play Expo site, had to make a way to make a road or to find the right way between the fast -moving top cars, and a puzzle that requires a momentary physical that requires a momentary physical. Appeared.

In particular, in the chase where factory staff had to run away from each section, I had to feel that the difficulty went up as a whole because I had to do more difficult puzzles and actions. This unopened stage proves that each area can provide a moderately different puzzle and maintain the interest and tension of gamers with the right difficulty.

In addition to the development of the story and the background settings that cause questions, the puzzle elements that stimulate the challenge desire. It didn’t take a long time to expect the official launch of Pig Romance. In fact, you will feel that you will show more suction play than you see.

Choi Yong -chan, CEO of the alien abduction operation, said, “Pig Romance is a game about Mitaeth’s story to find Pokkleet, a sausage. We will be able to meet as the main character of the spin -off sequel. ”

Currently, ‘Pig Romance’ is scheduled to be released this year, so you can enjoy the demo version of about 15 minutes on the page. The unpublished version can only be enjoyed at the Play Expo.