Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak offers players several new important functions that they can enjoy during a large -scale extension created by Capcom. One of the new types of missions in which users can participate during Sunbreak includes quests for followers. What are these new types of missions in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak?

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Who are the followers in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak?

Followers in Monster Hunter Rise: Sunbreak are characters from the main story that can accompany players in certain missions in addition. These characters will hunt with players in the quests of his associates. These assistants can treat you, put traps and even riding monsters in battle, which makes them powerful allies.

Restrictions of the Oratnik quest

Followers can accompany players only in single -user quests. Each follower has a predetermined specialization of weapons that players cannot change. Try to choose an associate whose specialization of weapons complements your own in order to achieve maximum efficiency in battle during “dawn of hunters for monsters: dawn.” Players begin with a small set of followers, but throughout the “Solar Dawn” campaign, there are more of them. Be sure to complete the story to collect them all.

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