APEX LEGENDS has a limited event in progress called SYSTEM OVERRIDE. In this document, players have the opportunity to try a brand new mode available for the game already called Loot. All the appearances of weapons and gear are static on the map, and only the ship’s route and the safety zones change on a daily road. By participating in the mode, you have the chance to take up challenges related to events and win new awards thanks to a follow -up system. A legendary weapon skin on this tracker is available for the peaceful hunting rifle called Cyber Shock.

The best way to win the weapon skin is to participate in the event already and to work systematically on available challenges. Before you start a match, you want to display the available challenges located at the top right of your menu. You must have a variety of choices and you can decide on which you focus for a match. As with any royal battle game, it all depends on how you adjust your concentration and remember that it varies according to what is going on during a match. Some games are quieter than others, and you have to plan your strategy from there.

You must have acquired at least 2000 points at the System Override event to have enough to enter the Cyber Shock weapon skin. You want to check the daily challenges and participate in the event as much as possible. For those who find it difficult to place themselves in the event already, be sure to find an appropriate place far from other players, giving you as well as your team a little time to prepare and prepare for a fight. It may seem tedious and tiring to take your time, but it can guarantee you the daily challenge of having to classify yourself in the higher rankings of a match already. You cannot relaunch these challenges.

FREE Peacekeeper Legendary Skin CYBER SHOCK Gameplay + Nice Clutch :D | Apex Legends
Deja Loot matches also include the new EVO shield, which becomes more powerful the more you inflict damage. Certain maps of the card are much better than others, so be sure to coordinate with your team to try to secure them.