What a masterpiece by Chris Paul! The Point God has taken the Dallas Mavericks apart in the fourth quarter of game 2 according to all the rules of art and led the Phoenix Suns to a 129:10 success. Even 35 points from Luka Doncic are not enough.

In the final section, the MAVS Defense simply no longer found an answer to CP3, which attacked the weaknesses with surgical precision – mostly he was looking for the duel with Doncic – and with 14 of his 28 points in the fourth quarter led his colors to the winning road. Paul sank 11/16 from the field, distributed 8 assists and grabbed 6 rebounds.

Only Devin Booker scored better for the home side, who also put on 30 points with very efficient odds (11/19 FG and 5/8 threes). Otherwise, Jae Crowder (15) and Mikal Bridges (11) also cracked the double digits, while Deandre Ayton remained unobtrusive due to foul problems. As a team, however, Phoenix set a new playoff franchise record for the field throw rate (64.5 percent).

Dallas couldn’t keep up, although Doncic was really well on one in half -time. After 24 points in the first 24 minutes, he ultimately ended the game with 35 points (13/22 FG and 5/10 threes) and 7 assists on 7 turnover. Reggie Bullock (16, 4/8 threesome) and Spencer Dinwiddie (11, 3/10 FG) were the only other Mavs players with a double-digit point yield, Jalen Brunson disappointed again (9, 3/12 FG). Maxi Kleber still came to 9 points, 3 rebounds and 2 steals.

There were no changes in the Starting LineUps compared to game 1, not even in the course of the game of the first few minutes. Dallas started with a Doncic Turnover that Downtown Bridges punished. Shortly afterwards, Booker had his famous playoff pose followed after an And-One jumper -Phoenix quickly settled up to 10 points.

But: After a few minutes, the Mavs had also arrived in the game – thanks to Doncic. The Slovenian took the notebook off to the hand, nibbled Cam Johnson and networked difficult fadeaways. Dallas brought his 14 points back into play in the first quarter, after the buzzer he exchanged a few niceties with crowder – 32:28 for the Sun.

late masterpiece by Chris Paul leaves the Mavs no chance

With Doncic on the bench, Dinwiddie brought energy into the Mavs-Oreense, Davis Bertans (9) even gave the Mavs the first tour in the complete series after four minutes in the second quarter. Then the game flow suffered from numerous foul whistles. Crowder got a Tecnical for further trash talk against Doncic, then the two exchanged three. The Mavs star achieved the last 9 points of the guests alone, Dallas went into the cabin with 60:58.

During the break, Booker apparently took a strong sip of MJS Secret Stuff and once again ballerted the Suns in the lead after the change of sides, before a real foul orgy continued from the first half. Ayton, Dorian Finney-Smith, Dwight Powell and Javal McGee each received their fourth foul relatively quickly. From the courtyard, Suns fans came up with Doncic. From a sporting point of view, several Bullock-Dreier dallas brought back, but Phoenix went into the fourth quarter with an 89:83 advantage.

The Suns now mercilessly attacked Doncic in the defense and met their jumper, especially Paul. The home side sat down a bit before Doncic answered with a stepback triangle. But CP3 was now everywhere: after his next bucket, he gave Mavs coach Jason Kidd the tip that he should take a break – that was what Dallas did (103: 93 Suns).

The 36-year-old once again spent an absolute masterpiece in the fourth quarter and orchestrated a 21:7 run. When Paul went on the bench, Booker set three other painful needles from the distance, which let the Suns lead to +24 grow. The game was over. Dallas now has two days to gather before the series continues in Texas on Saturday night.

the most important statistics

Phoenix Suns (1) – Dallas Mavericks (4) 129: 109 (boxcore), series: 2-0

  • Doncic was directly involved in 24 of the 28 MAVS points in the first quarter through his own scoring or assists. This extreme dependence on the Slovenian made the good bank almost forgotten in the second quarter. In the minutes with Doncic on the bench, the Mavs were even at +9 in the first half, which was due to the good production of Dinwiddie, Bertans or glue. With the exception of Bullock from the rest of the starters, too little came.
  • The story of the second quarter was… fouls. Offensive fouls to be precise. In the meantime, the referees whistled three offensive fouls of the Suns in a row, a total of a whistle sounded a whistle at halftime. Since Phoenix made most fouls on the offensive (7), Dallas had a clear disadvantage in the free throws (6/8 to 14/16). In the end there were 54 whistled fouls.
  • Just like in game 1, Dallas had a slight advantage from the distance, the Texans sank 17 threes and thus 4 more than the Suns. However, Phoenix was an absolute efficiency machine, both from Downtown (13/25, 52 percent) and from the two area (36/51, 70.6 percent). In the end, there was a field throw rate of 64.5 percent-playoff franchise record!
  • After this success, the suns are at the incredible record of 52-0 when the team leads to the third quarter (regular season and playoffs). CP3 ensured that it remained with the perfect record after game 2. In the meantime, Phoenix has won eleven games in a row against Dallas.

Phoenix Suns vs Dallas Mavericks Full Game 2 Highlights | 2021-22 NBA Playoffs

NBA Playoffs – Suns vs. Mavs: The voices

Luka Doncic (MAVS): “I just have to play better defense. That’s all.”

Devin Booker (Suns) about the fourth quarter of Paul: “It impresses us every time we see it. But it doesn’t surprise us.”

The star of the game: Chris Paul

What else should you say about the point God? The fourth quarter belonged to him, he scored 9 of the first 14 Suns points in this section itself, he was assisted by the other 5. With his attacks, the Doncic took apart Defense at will, he always came to his spots and captured the Mavs without blinking. Small memory: On Friday he celebrates his 37th birthday!

The flop of the game: Dorian Finney-Smith

The Mavs-Deflager was a victim of the many foulcalls. Due to constant foul problems, he was only on the floor for 20 minutes and had hardly any positive influence. He only contributed 2 points aggressively. Together with Doncic, he had the worst plus/minus of all actors (-28).

the scene of the game

The fourth quarter in the short version: Doncic was powerless against CP3! With his constant attacks against the MAVS star, Paul had relatively light game, Fancy Dribblings like here usually didn’t need to get into the z1. So of course it looks much prettier, with the quick rotation he left Doncic, the And-One was actually only a matter of form.

NBA Playoffs: Suns vs. Mavs – The series at a glance (2-0)

Game Date Time Home About result
1 3. May 4 o’clock Phoenix Sun Dallas Mavericks 121: 114
2 5. May 4 o’clock Phoenix Sun Dallas Mavericks 129: 109
3 7. May 3.30 a.m. Dallas Mavericks Phoenix Suns
4 8th. May 9:30 p.m. Dallas Mavericks Phoenix Suns
5* 11. May TBD Phoenix Suns Dallas Mavericks
6* 13. May TBD Dallas Mavericks Phoenix Suns
7* 16. May TBD Phoenix Suns Dallas Mavericks

*if necessary

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