Kakao Games announced that it will accelerate its global attack with the evaluation that Odin: Bala Rising (Odin) is satisfactory.

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Kakao Games announced on the 3rd and 2022 earnings announcement conference calls about Odin’s launch of Taiwan. Odin achieved sales of 50 billion won in 30 days of Taiwan. Kakao Games said that it is about 70% of the initial indicators in Korea, and it is more than twice as expected considering that the Taiwanese market is 50% in Korea.

Kakao Games said that it will accelerate the overseas market based on the good achievements of Taiwan. In fact, despite the fact that it was an IP that was not recognized at all, the Taiwanese market stood out, so it was determined that it would be able to achieve its quantitative sales in other regions. Kakao Games said, “I thought Taiwan’s launch was a litmus test paper for Odin global expansion. Odin’s overseas expansion schedule will be released later.

Meanwhile, Kakao Games announced the direction of operating the company, saying it will continue to invest in IP and web 3.0 and methus to enter the global market.