Bayern coach Julian Nagelsmann wants to stay true to himself and his kind in principle, but announces some measures for the coming season that make Bavaria even better – and should relieve it a little.

In the analysis of the non-performance of Mainz, coach Julian Nagelsmann also announced that he would soon re-train his players for other game positions. “I am currently making position profiles that we feed with videos that every player, if he plays in an unusual position next season, can look into the cell phone and see the four or five points in the video that are in demand in terms of position,” said Nagelsmann.

Conversely, this means that players could soon rotate something in their positions and tasks. Whether and how this fits together with the supposedly too frequent changes in the basic formation of the trainer?

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In any case, some players are said to have struggled with the changes in the basic order, preferred to play the usual 4-2-3-1-which in turn has now registered Nagelsmann and wants to consolidate as a “standard” in a somewhat more sensitive season phases.

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FC Bayern: Nagelsmann wants to better distribute tasks

The trainer himself had to moderate a lot of topics, especially in autumn, the vaccination debate around Joshua Kimmich, the questionable catar engagement of the club and even after the turbulent annual general meeting, it was only Nagelsmann for a few days, who faced the public. In the future, the coach no longer wants to let this and other time eaters.

For daily work on the pitch, this means that his co-trainers Xaver Zembrod and Dino Toppmöller get more responsibility, and are also increasingly taking care of the individual training of the players.

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Hasan Salihamidzic called a “team-building measure” the short trip of some players on the party island-there was a lot of criticism. But also in Munich there will be more joint activities within the team. Dinner together, for example, to strengthen the team spirit and cohesion. Coach Nagelsmann has never particularly tasted that the players will quickly leave the arena, especially after the home games very quickly in all winds…