Something that is well known, is that in certain regions of the world the promotional posters of films usually change a bit compared to the original, everything to address different types of public. _ With Dr. Strange in the Multiverse of madness _ could not be different, and in Japan His illustration looked an anime aspect. Work of a consecrated mangaka of the country.

In _ Twitter _ , the creator of _ Fairy Tail, Hiro Mashima _ , surprised his followers when he shared a new work of art that he had been working in recent weeks. That’s right, it is an illustration _ Doctor Strange _ . But it is not only a kind of fanart, but the official poster of the Japanese lands. Stating that _ Marvel Studios _ hired him to prepare it.

Here the translation of its publication:


I drew a piece to promote the latest work by Marvel Studios, Doctor Strange in the Multivrse of Madness, which will be released in theaters on May 4. He is the strongest sorcerer.

This artist has been in the manga world, working with series such as _ Elden Zero _ and the undervalued, _ Groove Adventure Rave _ . However, the most famous franchise of him today is _ Fairy Tail _ . It is worth mentioning that his version with dubbing in Latin Spanish will arrive at some point in June to _ HBO Max _ .

Remember that Dr. Strange and the Multiverse of madness premieres next May 5 in cinemas.