The war between Europe and North America for the MSI is declared. The two main regions of the Western world are enemy sisters, who share a lot, especially players, but those who especially discuss and send poisonous darts. The rivalry between the two regions returns to each international tournament and this time we will have the right to many direct clashes. G2 Esports (LEC) and Evil Geniuses (LCS) have been placed in the same group (Group C) that has only 3 teams. Therefore, we will have at least 3 games that will face Europe and North America. If everything goes well, we will have at least 5 and if everything goes very well, we could even have more.

Jojopyun conquered NA - What does he have in store for the rest of the world?

It was the midlaner of Evil genuises who initiated hostilities, declaring after winning the LCs finals that he was going to “shit in Europe.” We knew more class like trashtalk, but he had at least the advantage of being effective. Obviously, Jankos , the jungle of G2 eSports, reacted counterattacing with a Subtle entrance, but very murders. **

Too much trashtalk for an old dog like jankos

Jankos is a veteran who has had many adventures during his career. The Polish responded with wisdom and subtlety, staying educated and benevolent in appearance. But his response remains basically as effective as the frontal and direct attack of the young American: “What he says makes sense. He has never had the opportunity to play against international players, so he can’t not know. But we will make him understand.”

The veteran presses exactly where he hurts most, emphasizing two points:

The first is that Jojopyun is only 17 years old (Jankos has 26). The Jungle has already played in many international campaigns, regularly participating in the World Cups (finalist in 2019) and also winning the MSI (2019). On his part, the American lives his first year at the highest level and has even more matches of the LCS Academy on the legs than of the LCS. He has not played a match against LCK, LPL or LEC teams during his young race.
By extrapolar a little, we can also add that, in general, US teams have less international experience than the average of the major leagues, because LCs teams are often thrown prematurely. This was particularly the case in MSI last year, when C9 failed to qualify for the elimination phase when he spoke too much.

Jankos against the Na, a historical but dominant rivalry for the Polish

We review the history of clashes between the Jankos and Na teams, counting the “real” betting tournaments (Worlds, MSI and IEM). We could also have counted the Rift Rivals, where Europe has shone with more frequenciam, but those matches used to be closer to the exhibition than something else. Either with Roccat, H2K or G2 Esports, the European shows very positive statistics against NA:

  • 10 victories (including a 3-0 in the MSI 2019 final against Team Liquid)
  • 5 losses (including 2 against CLG with Team Roccat in IEM Colonia 2014) Of course, numbers can be manipulated in one direction or in the other. But in general, Jankos dominates his subject and has very regularly martyred the NA teams. Jojopyun, therefore, can show the confidence he wants, the Polish is not impressed at all.

Foto: Lol eSports