On April 29, Netmarble signed an MOU with Intel to cooperate with overprime development technology and promote global marketing. Overframe is a new PC online AOS developed by Netmarble F & C.

With this agreement, Overfrime will support Intel’s next -generation CPU and graphics card. In addition, the arc graphics hardware XE Super Sampling (XESS) AI -based upscaling technology, known as Intel’s new technology, will be applied to the overprime to show high -quality graphics.

Intel selects Overframe as the main work of Intel Software Advanced Program and supports marketing through various online channels.

In addition, if you purchase the program through North America and European offline retailers and OEMs, joint marketing will be carried out in 43 global countries.

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Chung Seung -hwan, head of Netmarble, said, “We will provide new fun and experience to users by actively seeking various global marketing opportunities as well as optimizing the game performance based on Intel processors.”

Kim Joon -ho, executive director of the Intel Client XPU product and solution group Asia Client Account, said, “We are pleased to collaborate with Netmarble, the best game publisher and developer who has led the game market. We will continue our collaboration so that gamers can enjoy the best gaming experience. ”

Overframe is a PC online game that combines a third person shooting with AOS. If you first destroy your opponent’s base, you will win and feature a gameability that combines the strategic play of AOS and the speedy battle of TPS. It is serviced through Steam and starts to try it out this year.